Continuing construction virtually


At Rockford Construction, we have a long history of leveraging technology to stay connected and deliver outstanding results for our clients. But like many businesses today, we’ve had to go even further.

With more than 300 employees now working remotely, technology has been a lifeline to keep us on track, productive and motivated. From virtual meetings to remote workspaces and webinars, we are more reliant than ever on technology to keep projects on track until we’re all on-site again.

By now, many companies are likely familiar with the videoconference services that have seemed to define our new normal. While there’s no substitute for in-person collaboration, these “face-to-face” video check-ins help ensure employees and clients still receive the human connection and personalized service they’ve come to expect from Rockford.

We also have hosted three webinars with our CEO that have been highly attended, which offer plenty of opportunities for team members to ask real-time questions and receive real-time answers.

The fact that we are remote hasn’t changed our thirst for learning and connection. Thanks to technology, we are still able to offer many of the same services and resources, just through a computer or mobile device.

Maybe more importantly, this time — while challenging — also has provided a spark to think differently about the ways we work and interact. That’s why we created the Schoolhouse Rock program.

With schools closed, we saw employees searching for new ways to provide continued education to their children. With everyone at home, we also knew a missing piece was access to experts across various subjects. To help address these concerns, Schoolhouse Rock was born.

Our employees sign up for subjects they feel comfortable helping with and children can tap into those resources if they are stuck on a tough math problem or need assistance with grammar. This is all done virtually, and parents and students alike have been grateful for the new program.

It’s another way Rockford is trying to help employees’ transition as seamlessly as possible into this new working environment.

Technology is touching every aspect of our business. For instance, Rockford University, our virtual employee learning program, has seen a spike in enrollment with new programs being added each week and more employees taking courses, learning and cross-training with one another. To maintain social distancing, we also are utilizing more technologies like augmented reality and drones so essential projects can be viewed and monitored safely.

With drones, we can analyze work sites from above, keeping an eye on safety protocols and checking regularly on the status of work. Through an augmented reality app developed with Carnevale, project partners and future tenants can see 3D models of buildings without having to be on-site, allowing safe viewing from anywhere in the world.

Technology always has been at the forefront of our business, which has allowed us to adapt quickly, even in difficult circumstances. We’re grateful for the resources at our fingertips, and while we can’t wait to see everyone again face to face, we also look forward to using these new processes and lessons learned when we’re all back together.

Until then, from all of us at Rockford, stay safe and be well.

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