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Pay off debt or invest in the future: How to make the best choice...

Given the low interest rate environment the U.S. is experiencing right now, many of my clients are asking essentially the same question: What should I do with excess cash?

Winning strategies for a fast-paced real estate market

Today’s market surely presents some unique challenges.

State income tax and PPP loans: don’t assume conformity

Some business owners have been left perplexed regarding the tax deductibility of their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or PPP2 loans.

What will Super Bowl advertising look like in 2021?

The Super Bowl: It's not only a competition for the teams on the field but also for the brands advertising during the broadcast.

Michigan Marketable Record Title Act: What to know about the recent 2020 amendment

On Dec. 29, Michigan effectively amended the Marketable Record Title Act and, in so doing, provided property interest holders in this state additional time to protect their interests before they are voided at the end of certain statutory periods.

Grand Rapids is uniquely positioned for urban flight

We know remote work has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for many, and Grand Rapids is uniquely positioned to welcome those looking for a great place to live, work and play.

Fixed-asset reserve can save you headaches down the road

Like the cars we drive, building components experience wear and tear and eventually require our attention.

Plan for 2021: 7 end-of-year checkpoints for your business

As we cross off the final to-dos on our 2020 calendar, it's time to start planning for 2021's challenges and victories.

The year in real estate: looking back at 2020 and anticipating 2021

As we close out the year 2020, it’s easy to say that it was a year that defied expectations.

Sustainability is the path of continuous improvement

With an increased spotlight on the vital role sustainable design plays in the construction industry, the approach to integration has become more prevalent in recent years.

Public relations trends to look out for in 2021

Here are my tips for creating your 2021 PR strategy amid the ongoing pandemic, as well as a few trends we might see in the coming year.

Creating space for people with autism in the workplace

Even in times without a pandemic, people on the autism spectrum have a disproportionately more difficult time finding jobs than those not on the spectrum.

What will construction financing look like in the post-COVID-19 economy?

Whether we are headed for a tough start to 2021 with a COVID-19 cloud still looming or a post-COVID-19 economy in full recovery, capital for construction and development projects will be in strong demand.

Federally recognized tribes prepared for challenges brought on by COVID-19

What many don’t know is that Michigan’s tribal communities have been working on business practices that are diversified and resilient.

Deals and steals: preventing hackers this holiday season

As online spending and sales begin to pop up across the country this holiday season, so too will cybersecurity threats.

West Michigan shows economic resilience

Few have been financially unscathed in the wake of the pandemic. Yet, as West Michigan has proven time and time again when recessions hit, businesses in the region (although battered) weather the respective storms relatively well.

Beyond one day: celebrate veterans

Companies that make proactive efforts to support veterans have seen benefits beyond just Veterans Day.

What is Regulation Best Interest and how does it impact you?

The SEC’s intent is to ensure that you, as the investor, have enough information to decide whether a professional investment recommendation is best suited to your needs no matter who is offering it.

Legendary leadership requires tenacity — especially in times of crisis

Leaders who succeed in times of crisis — like in the face of COVID-19 and unprecedented racial and social unrest — are the ones who go beyond success and set the mark at legendary.

On the brink of a possible recession: what businesses should do to prepare

While many are in a hurry to put the uncertainties of 2020 in the rearview, continued economic disruption may not be behind us just yet.