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How a co-CEO model can benefit nonprofits

Although shared leadership models may seem daunting to some, the implementation of co-CEOs or co-executive directors is not a new concept for many organizational structures.

Pandemic has many considering business exits

The tumult of the past 15 months is leading many business owners to think about retirement, but a local firm says only 1 in 4 have a formal succession plan in place.

Ready for the post-pandemic real estate market?

With the presence of the vaccine and continued safe habits, a shift to post-pandemic times is underway. As a real estate community, we can feel the hope and responsibility of that shift.

Here’s how small businesses can move past the long-term challenges of COVID-19

The effects of the pandemic are ongoing, and the reality is many small businesses will never again operate as they did in a pre-COVID-19 world.

Can target-date funds help grow your financial garden?

As the flowers start popping up in my garden, I can’t help but make parallels to the importance of tending my financial garden, as well.

Site experience matters — especially to Google

First impressions matter. Be it in your personal or professional life, this old adage rings true also as it relates to your website.

Useful strategies for minimizing supply chain management issues

The supply chain disruptions of 2021 have been well documented. There are daily reminders in our news pointing to the most recent product shortage or price increase.

3 cost-saving strategies that may be missing from your business’s pharmacy benefits

With the cost of prescription drugs continuing to skyrocket, you may be seeing an effect on your bottom line.

4 workplace design strategies to get people back to the office

I’m sharing four design principles for creating a high-performing, integrated workspace that supports your talent and empowers them to do their best work.

Will the 2021 spring market continue to advance?

The typical “new” feeling of a spring market has been superseded this year by the feeling of continuation of a bull real estate market that hasn’t let up since a delayed start last spring.

Your home technology also needs a good spring cleaning

This also is a good time of year to take inventory of the connected devices in your home. 

National Healthcare Decision Day is a reminder to make a plan

The ongoing pandemic has done more than its share to disrupt schedules, affect livelihoods and alter the way we interact with family and friends.

Why business leadership skills aren’t the only thing to look for in an effective...

If you can’t assess the performance of your adviser using well-known business leadership principles, what criteria should you use?

Celebrating women in construction, Rockford calls for workforce diversity

Were it not for the COVID-19 pandemic, Rockford Construction would have been participating in a number of activities and luncheons throughout West Michigan and across the state in observance of Women in Construction week.

Outsourcing is a valuable business strategy worth considering

O­­­­utsourcing for accounting, human resources, legal and IT allows companies to be more efficient.

What you need to know about Google’s decision to ban third-party cookies in 2022

The changes being proposed by Google are in an effort to create more privacy on the web. The impact it can have on the advertising industry is where the potential issues arise.

M&A through a pandemic and what’s ahead in 2021

2021 is lining up to be another fascinating year in the world of M&A.

Opportunity awaits in West Michigan, just be sure to find it before you are...

Climate change has influenced consumer preferences, business models and potentially most important, where people are choosing or being forced to live.

Pay off debt or invest in the future: How to make the best choice...

Given the low interest rate environment the U.S. is experiencing right now, many of my clients are asking essentially the same question: What should I do with excess cash?

Winning strategies for a fast-paced real estate market

Today’s market surely presents some unique challenges.