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Why business owners partner with private equity firms

Many stereotypes have been associated with private equity firms, such as reducing employee count to save costs, shutting down locations and making decisions only on financial metrics.

Managing cybersecurity solutions and risks with MSPs

Most businesses know their people are their biggest assets, but in today’s tech-crazed world, people also can be businesses’ weakest links when it comes to IT and cybersecurity concerns.

Protecting against cybersecurity threats in the age of remote work

Nearly half of Americans (45%) said Wi-Fi is more important to their daily lives than transportation. As businesses continue to shore up remote and hybrid workspaces, cybersecurity practices are more vital than ever.

Using technology to save time and improve your business

Small business owners have had to make some significant decisions and changes in the past two years — among the most common: increasing remote work capabilities — yet many still are reluctant to upgrade their technology.

Three steps that might help employers save on health care costs

When it comes to offering health benefits to employees, every employer has two primary goals: improve coverage and lower costs.

Michigan Soft Drink Association: Recycle bottles with the cap on

As you open your favorite beverage on Earth Day, take a moment to look at the cap. Maybe you’ll see a new message to remind you to recycle that bottle with the cap on. If not, you soon will.  

Crypto: Navigating today’s world of modern assets

Cryptocurrency continues to be a hot topic of conversation as its popularity grows globally. In recent months, cryptocurrency made headlines from Super Bowl ad placements to world powers responding to the invasion of Ukraine by freezing Russia’s crypto assets, virtually cutting them off from a significant portion of the international economy.

Can your business benefit from creating a ‘captive’ insurance company?

Some businesses have found they can benefit from creating a “captive” insurance company — one they own and fund.

The skilled trade industry continues evolving

I’ve been in the construction industry for more than three decades. During my time, I’ve had the privilege to work with some incredible people and had a front-row seat as the industry changed, improved and evolved.

Advanced directives give grace beyond measure in times of crisis

In the world of hospice care, there’s a phrase that surfaces all too often: “It always seems too soon until it’s too late.”

Growing a business in the age of COVID and the Great Resignation

While the past two years brought an unprecedented array of challenges, a local technology business has found an edge (and a key to growth) through a non-technology solution–focused approach on people and relationships. 

Tax season 2022: What you need to know

Tax time is upon us, and with the tumultuous season we had last year, many people are wondering what to expect for filing in 2022. Will there be delays in returns? Are there any new laws in place? What is the quickest way to file?

West Michigan real estate off to good start in 2022

As we closed out 2021, the residential market was marked by healthy price gains for owners and sellers, historically low interest rates for buyers and a continued sentiment of “appreciation for home.”

Connectivity trends that will reshape the digital landscape in 2022

In the past decade, technology has changed to benefit its users and make the world more fast-paced than ever.

Quality control programs will reduce warranty risk

Across many industries and building types, the pace of construction projects is increasing due to the high demand for new space.

Planning for inflation

COVID-19 has been a catalyst for countless sudden changes to everyday life.

Thoughtful, local gift ideas for clients

Whether you’re working in real estate, banking and finance, health care or any other industry, giving a gift to a client can be tricky.

Why taking care of our seniors is good for business

The world’s population of elderly people, those age 70 and older, will sharply increase as baby boomers enter this age bracket.

The importance of risk assessment in manufacturing

No one can predict the future, but if we could, it would make certain risks we take in our lives, such as running a business, much less nerve racking.

Four technology considerations for the next generation of multifamily development

With younger generations delaying homeownership, real estate developers and lenders are increasingly investing in multifamily residential developments to accommodate the trend.