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5 questions to consider before a merger or acquisition

Summertime is often a time when advisors relax, sit back and decelerate. This is a dangerous trap, as now is the best time to...

Michigan’s personal property tax reform: It’s not as easy as it sounds

On Aug. 5, Michigan voters elected to repeal Michigan’s personal property tax, or PPT. What does this mean for Michigan businesses?First, know that the...

Company vehicles and tax deductions

As 2015 comes to a close, many business owners are seeing a large degree of growth and profitability over the past year. Unfortunately, without...

Rolling forecasts are best budgeting tools

For years, the traditional budget has been the tried and tested way to financially operate a business.Many companies spent countless hours and meetings fine-tuning...

PPP loan forgiveness receives new flexibility: updates businesses need to know

Business owners should be aware of several integral changes under the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPFA), which loosened guidelines to ensure the program is more business-friendly.

State income tax and PPP loans: don’t assume conformity

Some business owners have been left perplexed regarding the tax deductibility of their Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) or PPP2 loans.

Benchmarking the finance department

How efficient is your accounting and finance department? Benchmarking is often used to compare operating results against industry peers to isolate areas for improvement,...

What kind of relief can you expect from the CARES Act?

A summary of some of the high points of the act will help you identify what kind of relief you can expect.

Business transitions: What legacy do you want to leave?

The more diligent and focused business owners are on improving the value of their business, the more likely they are to achieve their desired outcome.

The Michigan Offer in Compromise for back taxes

The federal Offer in Compromise program is a powerful and often successful option for those who are unable to pay back taxes.Effective Jan. 1,...

What should investors think about market volatility in the face of all the scary...

Financial markets have been very volatile over the last few days. In addition to election season being underway, all our lives are drastically changing...

Evaluating the true value of your family business

As a business owner, it’s essential to get an early start on understanding the true value of your business. This is especially true when...

Will Detroit’s bankruptcy end irresponsible lending?

Detroit’s bankruptcy will ultimately have a positive impact on cities across West Michigan and the U.S.The initial reaction to Detroit’s bankruptcy stressed the impact...

Incentivizing employees

In an ever-changing business climate, it’s essential for leaders in all industries to keep up with the latest trends in human resources and be...

Cash flow is king

As business owners and managers guiding the finances of an organization, or individuals dealing with the household budget, it doesn’t take long to understand...

Wealthy clients should consider planning now for the reduction in estate and gift tax...

Many people are wondering what will happen to the exemption if there is a Democratic president and possibly a Democratic-controlled Congress.

Retirement plan options for small employers

Most small business owners are fully aware of the cost of employee turnover and are diligent in offering benefits that appeal to and reward...

In these trying times, know that help is out there, and you have options

Undoubtedly, this is a challenging time. Not only are you worried about your family’s health, but the impact of COVID-19 also has likely left you concerned about your financial situation.

Outsourcing is a valuable business strategy worth considering

O­­­­utsourcing for accounting, human resources, legal and IT allows companies to be more efficient.

With volatility comes opportunity

With all the negative headlines and market volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought it would be timely to shed some light on...