The internet network for the 21st century

As the internet and cloud-based solutions increasingly power commerce, many Michigan companies face a big challenge. They have 20th-century networks for 21st-century businesses.Take, for...

The Facebook factor

Facebook did it again!The world’s social networking giant rolled out another series of changes that freaked out privacy advocates, caused a tidal wave of...

The importance of risk assessment in manufacturing

No one can predict the future, but if we could, it would make certain risks we take in our lives, such as running a business, much less nerve racking.

Three health care industry trends driving the need for better network connectivity

As with every other business these days, reliable connectivity is a critical part of modern medical facilities. If a network fails, operations at an...

Is it time for the smartwatch?

Fanfare over global smartwatch rollouts is heating up, but is the wearable technology really ready for mass adoption?The smartwatch category of computing has been...

Protect your business from COVID-19 hackers

Now more than ever, protecting employees’ data and information is vital to business structures, overall bottom lines and the safety of valuable data and information.

Technology or die

If you are not investing in your company’s future, you are allowing it to die.When organizations commit to building dynamic infrastructure, leveraging agile and...

Growing a business in the age of COVID and the Great Resignation

While the past two years brought an unprecedented array of challenges, a local technology business has found an edge (and a key to growth) through a non-technology solution–focused approach on people and relationships. 

Three key post-COVID-19 trends in small business office technology

Three trends related to the rise in remote work could impact a small business’s technology environment in a post-COVID-19 world.

Cryptocurrency is not a fad

For those who are old enough to have lived through the dot-com era and thought, early on, that the “internet thing” was just a...

Modern phone systems are modernizing business

Daily newspapers, taxis and landlines all at one point seemed like rock-solid innovations that could never be replaced. But in the world of fast-moving...

Your home technology also needs a good spring cleaning

This also is a good time of year to take inventory of the connected devices in your home. 

Turn competitors into advocates

“Co-petitor.” If you Google the word, you won’t get the definition I want to articulate here. And, if you ask around, some people may...

Managing cybersecurity solutions and risks with MSPs

Most businesses know their people are their biggest assets, but in today’s tech-crazed world, people also can be businesses’ weakest links when it comes to IT and cybersecurity concerns.

What will you find in the cloud?

Many small- to medium-size businesses use a traditional local client-server infrastructure, but they could show significant advantages by employing cloud technologies.Local technologyA local client-server...

Top tech trends in business

Technology has become one of the driving forces behind practically every aspect of business. During a visit to Grand Rapids in 2017, celebrity chef...

‘Heartbleed’ bug exposes age of vulnerability

It’s easy to fly through our connected days with a false sense of assurance of how secure our data is.We pay with a debit...

Does your business have a leaky disaster-planning umbrella?

Hurricane Sandy flew in and out, leaving a trail of hyper-caffeinated weather people in its wake. Sadly, it also left havoc and human suffering as...

Business leaders evaluate their role in diversity efforts

I have a title with the word “chief” in it. Because of that, I feel a greater sense of responsibility to help develop and...

Your hands on the future

The art of predicting which technology advances will have meaningful impacts on our lives has never been tougher.We live in an age where, from...