Inside Track: Fortier builds career on being a ‘connector’

Ken Fortier said being connected and knowing people is the true joy of his life, and he strives to apply it toward helping others.

Street Talk: Restarting common sense

The Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce is angling for a “smart restart” to the Michigan economy.

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Inside Track: Kelly learns HR the hard way

As the first of six children, Beth Kelly is a natural leader.

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Street Talk: Don’t be like Detroit

Disability Advocates of Kent County caught wind of discrimination against disabled patients occurring in Detroit-area hospitals and wants to prevent the same from happening in West Michigan.

Inside Track: Tough early lessons prepare Genautis for today

Floriza Genautis knows when a recession comes around, employers have to be ready for it. Building a recruiting firm from the ground up only a couple years prior to the 2008 recession gave her a clear insight into dealing with employment issues in the COVID crisis.

Street Talk: 51 of 51 students would approve

Marketing majors from two Michigan State University advertising capstone classes recently completed a project to recommend market expansion plans for OrthoDots CLEAR, a Michigan-made product advertised to be a better alternative to commodity dental wax commonly dispensed by orthodontists.

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Street Talk: Call it like you see it

Dr. Jihad Mustapha has a problem with calling dead health care workers heroes instead of what he believes they truly are — victims of inaction.

Inside Track: Patience, loyalty shape Maher’s leadership skills

Diane Maher drives a vehicle that turns heads.

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Inside Track: Frey Zagel helps others ‘lead strong’

Ellie Frey Zagel strives to apply her resources and connections toward building up the community and helping those with family wealth leave a strong legacy.

Street Talk: Retail sales bottom out

Retail sales saw their biggest monthly drop on record during March as the coronavirus pandemic forced restaurants, bars and many stores to temporarily close across the nation and stay-at-home orders also impacted gasoline sales, the National Retail Federation said.

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Street Talk: Staying safe at home

While Michigan residents have been urged to stay home and stay safe, staying safe at home has taken a broader meaning for the Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan.

Inside Track: Poole finds satisfaction in private education

Through a series of twists and turns, Jeff Poole found his way to the world of private education, building Fusion Academy from a small private school in California to 60 schools across the county.

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Inside Track: Hines plants stake on digital side of lawns

They call him “Kendall, the lawn man,” and with good reason.

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