Inside Track: Putting trust back in policing

Police Chief Eric Payne said he wants to make Grand Rapids the safest midsized city with the most trusted police department in the country, but the department has to overcome the same obstacles as in any other city.

Inside Track: Almallah finds empathy key to leadership

Shorouq Almallah takes entrepreneurship seriously in all its stages.

Inside Track: Personal experience guides attorney’s career

The backbone of Kimberly Clarke’s legal career was what she calls her advantageous rural upbringing on a 500-acre family farm in Conklin in Ottawa County.

Inside Track: Price wants leaders to get clear about vision

Born and raised in Lansing, Rodger Price said West Michigan is geographically close by, but culturally it’s worlds apart. As a leadership coach and former engineer, he believes it is fertile ground to be a hotbed for leadership development.

Inside Track: Otis works to ‘enable people to prosper’

Mike Otis started his company Double O — christened after his last name and his wife’s previous surname, O’Brien — as a way to provide opportunity for his eight children and stepchildren, and now the business has grown into a catalyst for community growth.

Inside Track: Lively helps musicians strive for greatness

Music always has played an integral role in Elle Lively’s life, and she is using her experience to help others.

Inside Track: Bocanegra climbs legal ranks

Juanita Bocanegra prides herself in having experienced both the defense and prosecutor’s sides of the courtroom.

Inside Track: Tellier has lofty expectations

Growing up, Sue Tellier entertained the notion of being elected President of the United States so she could right some wrongs.

Inside Track: Fortier builds career on being a ‘connector’

Ken Fortier said being connected and knowing people is the true joy of his life, and he strives to apply it toward helping others.

Inside Track: Kelly learns HR the hard way

As the first of six children, Beth Kelly is a natural leader.

Inside Track: Tough early lessons prepare Genautis for today

Floriza Genautis knows when a recession comes around, employers have to be ready for it. Building a recruiting firm from the ground up only a couple years prior to the 2008 recession gave her a clear insight into dealing with employment issues in the COVID crisis.

Inside Track: Patience, loyalty shape Maher’s leadership skills

Diane Maher drives a vehicle that turns heads.

Inside Track: Frey Zagel helps others ‘lead strong’

Ellie Frey Zagel strives to apply her resources and connections toward building up the community and helping those with family wealth leave a strong legacy.

Inside Track: Poole finds satisfaction in private education

Through a series of twists and turns, Jeff Poole found his way to the world of private education, building Fusion Academy from a small private school in California to 60 schools across the county.

Inside Track: Hines plants stake on digital side of lawns

They call him “Kendall, the lawn man,” and with good reason.

Inside Track: Garcia values leadership in many forms

Emma Garcia said she’s witnessed too many nonprofits sink into a hierarchical bog that ends up compromising their overall mission.“I became really disillusioned with...

Inside Track: Steady in a time of crisis

Thirty-four years of service at the same bank have allowed Doris Drain to build a record of consistent, reliable leadership during times of prosperity...

Inside Track: Warrior spirit serves Perdue well

From the Spanish American War to the Persian Gulf War, Edward Perdue’s family has a long history of serving their country. And although Perdue retired...

Inside Track: Jacobs lays out path to prosperity for all

In the latest role of his diverse fundraising career, Todd Jacobs has come full circle. When he received a college scholarship from the Community...

Inside Track: Curiosity drives Perdue

Kelsey Perdue’s penchant for variety in her professional life has led her to a new role she says is tying together all of her...