Inside Track: Fortier builds career on being a ‘connector’

Ken Fortier said being connected and knowing people is the true joy of his life, and he strives to apply it toward helping others.

Inside Track: Kelly learns HR the hard way

As the first of six children, Beth Kelly is a natural leader.

Inside Track: Tough early lessons prepare Genautis for today

Floriza Genautis knows when a recession comes around, employers have to be ready for it. Building a recruiting firm from the ground up only a couple years prior to the 2008 recession gave her a clear insight into dealing with employment issues in the COVID crisis.

Inside Track: Patience, loyalty shape Maher’s leadership skills

Diane Maher drives a vehicle that turns heads.

Inside Track: Frey Zagel helps others ‘lead strong’

Ellie Frey Zagel strives to apply her resources and connections toward building up the community and helping those with family wealth leave a strong legacy.

Inside Track: Poole finds satisfaction in private education

Through a series of twists and turns, Jeff Poole found his way to the world of private education, building Fusion Academy from a small private school in California to 60 schools across the county.

Inside Track: Hines plants stake on digital side of lawns

They call him “Kendall, the lawn man,” and with good reason.

Inside Track: Garcia values leadership in many forms

Emma Garcia said she’s witnessed too many nonprofits sink into a hierarchical bog that ends up compromising their overall mission.“I became really disillusioned with...

Inside Track: Steady in a time of crisis

Thirty-four years of service at the same bank have allowed Doris Drain to build a record of consistent, reliable leadership during times of prosperity...

Inside Track: Warrior spirit serves Perdue well

From the Spanish American War to the Persian Gulf War, Edward Perdue’s family has a long history of serving their country. And although Perdue retired...

Inside Track: Jacobs lays out path to prosperity for all

In the latest role of his diverse fundraising career, Todd Jacobs has come full circle. When he received a college scholarship from the Community...

Inside Track: Curiosity drives Perdue

Kelsey Perdue’s penchant for variety in her professional life has led her to a new role she says is tying together all of her...

Inside Track: A man of many skills

As an entrepreneur, Kris Mathis said the hardest thing he has ever done in his career was to believe.The Grand Rapids native has carved...

Inside Track: Fixing rehab

David Green is on a mission to “rehab rehab.” The CEO and co-founder of Sanford House Addiction Treatment Centers said he believes a fresh...

Inside Track: Becoming a change agent

He didn’t know it at the time, but Dr. Darryl Elmouchi’s medical career began at age 14 in a public high school anatomy and...

Inside Track: Saying ‘yes’ to people work

Jamon Alexander said he chose the path he is on to help individuals whose stories contain echoes of his own.Growing up in a mostly...

Inside Track: A life of service

When Tami VandenBerg moved back home, she had the drive to turn Grand Rapids into a great place to live for everybody. Twenty years...

Inside Track: Morey makes many connections

Minnie Morey retired after more than 30 years in her first career. Now, she gets to spend her time doing what she feels called...

Inside Track: Harkema lives as ‘her authentic self’

Born in a mud hut in central Africa and given only a day to live due to disease and malnutrition, Graci Harkema has walked...

Inside Track: McLaughlin finds ‘win, win’ career

Kevin McLaughlin started his law career in an unorthodox way.McLaughlin founded Crafted Law in Grand Rapids two years ago. He works alongside other entrepreneurs...