Inside Track: McNeill finds success in helping others

After years working in the advertising industry, Mike McNeill found inspiration in helping others and pivoted to business ownership.

Inside Track: Brimmer moves at his own pace

On the shores of Lake Michigan, a retired Michigan State University professor is building himself an artistic playground.

Inside Track: HR leader shaped by discovery of past

Jane Newton didn’t know the family history that died with her father until a trip to Cambodia in 2019 unearthed buried truths.

Inside Track: CIO focuses tech career on people

Even after years of working with technology and digital innovation, Sulabh Srivastava said his job really is all about people.

Inside Track: Planting seeds of hope

The Rev. Nurya Love Parish has dedicated her life to feeding people spiritually and bodily.

Inside Track: Bayard carries on historical legacy

George Bayard is safeguarding African American history.

Inside Track: Doyle makes DEI his life’s work

Paul T. Doyle credits his mother, Mae Etta Doyle, for making it possible for him to become the man he is today.

Inside Track: Consultant draws inspiration from her roots

As a native of Mexico and a new resident of Holland, Ana Ramirez-Saenz repeatedly was told by childhood classmates, “If you’re not Dutch, you’re not much.”

Inside Track: Compass president plays many roles

Jay Greer has been crisscrossing professions since he was able to work, but now he is settled on one.

Inside Track: Lowe discovers a heart to serve

How do you want to live? This has become an integral question for Sara Lowe in her personal and professional life.

Inside Track: King engages heart for others in new role

Although she does not have Indigenous heritage, Monica King has embraced the seven grandfather teachings of the Three Fires Confederacy — love, bravery, humility, respect, honesty, wisdom and truth — in her new role as CEO of Gun Lake Investments.

Inside Track: Miner’s passion for construction in his DNA

Construction was a pastime in Michael Miner’s family.

Inside Track: McLemore’s artistic skills make messages pop

Most artists’ handiwork is displayed in art galleries or at private viewings. Randy McLemore’s craftsmanship can be viewed along highways, sidewalks, storefront windows, interior...

Inside Track: Grumm’s vision takes off during pandemic

Growing up with a father and grandfather who were mechanical engineers for the aerospace industry, Dennis Grumm has always had an interest in design and engineering — but his passion led him to a different application.

Inside Track: Caddy’s life of service

The Salvation Army is central to providing social services to people around the world, and Major Glen Caddy has spent over four decades leading some of those efforts.

Inside Track: Pattee restores faith in process

Fire is central to Clay Pattee’s business and personal life.

Inside Track: Brown spreads passion for personal finance

Dondreá Brown might never have journeyed down his current path if not for his lack of access to personal finance concepts in his early years.

Inside Track: Hagedorn brings art to the party

Whether it’s fashion, entrepreneurship, painting or cooking, Cynthia Hagedorn has done it all and continues to do so for the benefit of her community.

Inside Track: Mall owner strikes a balance

Baked into Nancy Quero Ramirez’s retail store and online business is the hope that fostering an appreciation and understanding of Mexican culture will arise.

Inside Track: Homeless summer moves McDermott

When Starla McDermott was newly divorced, working and saving up to rent an apartment, she and her three young children had nowhere to go, so for an entire summer, they lived in a tent on the Lake Michigan shoreline in Indiana.