Inside Track: Attorney turns medical problem into career

Joe Rivet inadvertently catapulted himself into the health care industry as a teenager and has made a career out of it ever since, recently becoming the founder and principal attorney for Rivet Health Care Law PLC, and an arbitrator for the American Health Law Association.

Inside Track: Colvin won’t back down from a challenge

If someone gave George Colvin a simple straightforward project, he would get bored very quickly. Now a senior project superintendent for Rockford Construction, Colvin worked his way up in the company for nearly two decades by never backing down from a challenge.

Inside Track: McKinney looks to drive inclusive change

Jazz McKinney’s converging identities and abilities could be exactly what the Grand Rapids Pride Center needs in its next season of service to the LGBTQ+ community.

Inside Track: Teacher finds her own way of educating students

At 31 years old, Jennie Kueppers has quickly climbed the ladder to lead one of the premier tutoring programs in the country.

Inside Track: Exposure can change a life

Salvador Lopez, president of KConnect, has a passion for empowering others. His personal experience with struggle, grit and perseverance motivates him to make a positive impact in his community of Kent County.

Inside Track: Service is her driving force

Mary Muliett may have taken a roundabout path into social work, but looking back on her early years, she realizes she was always drawn to working with children and families.

Inside Track: Professor comes full circle

Born on the heels of the civil rights movement, Tracey Brame, an associate dean and professor at West Michigan University Cooley Law School, always had a passion for activism.

Inside Track: Mathis ministers through construction

Whether by managing physicians’ offices for Mercy Health, or in his current role as vice president of community development and inclusion for Rockford Construction, Brad Mathis believes his work truly is a ministry.

Inside Track: Immigration experience attracts Yoo to law

Sungjin Yoo learned early on in life that the devil is in the details — a fact that makes him passionate today about creating legal contracts that minimize risks and errors.

Inside Track: Rolinski creates leaders worth following

Elizabeth Rolinski is writing the next chapter of her professional career after retiring as a global executive from the world’s largest battery manufacturer.

Inside Track: Nonprofit director draws on development experience

The one-man powerhouse of Housing Next, Ryan Kilpatrick, is working to reduce barriers to the creation of housing at all price points, utilizing his experience in building bridges between nonprofits, developers and state and local authorities.

Inside Track: Noordeloos applies multinational experience

Camila Noordeloos is a firm believer not only in the power of entrepreneurship to make the world better, but in the importance of fresh perspectives to make businesses stronger.

Inside Track: Small sells GR with a passion

Douglas Small’s job is to sell Grand Rapids to the rest of the world.

Inside Track: Price empowers through poetry

Marcel Price is passing the crown of poet laureate for Grand Rapids in 2021, but the artist known as Fable is leaving behind a legacy steeped in storytelling as a source of self-discovery and self-care.

Inside Track: Learning to trust her voice

Building relationships with the Latino community in Grand Rapids that she didn’t have growing up changed the direction of Erika VanDyke’s life and led her to her current job in community philanthropy.

Inside Track: Golf pro finds passion in teaching

The game of golf has been a generational sport in Jimmy Wisinski’s family. His father and grandfather were golf professionals and Wisinski has followed in their footsteps.

Inside Track: Doing the job her own way

Learning never stops for Chaoying Zhang, who is at the forefront of new technological innovations at Rockford Construction. Because she considers herself very scientifically minded, she embraces the challenge of being the company’s first mechanical engineering plumbing coordinator.

Inside Track: Brian Elve pays his blessings forward

As director of the Guiding Light Recovery Program, Brian Elve has witnessed many transformations over the past half-dozen years that mirror his own story.

Inside Track: Ford Airport leader leans on experience

Tory Richardson is leading Gerald R. Ford International Airport during an unprecedented time.

Inside Track: Putting trust back in policing

Police Chief Eric Payne said he wants to make Grand Rapids the safest midsized city with the most trusted police department in the country, but the department has to overcome the same obstacles as in any other city.