State should update emergency protocols for strokes

Every year in Michigan, thousands of lives are impacted by stroke.

Vax rates show African American distrust of health system

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the future health of Michigan residents will rely in large part on the percentage who are vaccinated against the virus. Unfortunately, that number remains low among African Americans.

Michigan’s children need the earned income tax credit

One of the biggest tragedies of our lifetimes is the rampant growth of childhood poverty in this country.

Get them to do what you want them to do

“How do I get ’em to do what I want ’em to?”

Stop payday lenders from overcharging

In a time of great struggle for Michigan families, we have the opportunity to take a simple but powerful, popular and positive action.

Michigan needs vibrant, in-demand central cities

Conventional wisdom has it that big cities are dead.

What does Ohio have that Michigan doesn’t?

Intel recently announced it is going to invest an initial $20 billion in a new chip fabrication plant in metro Columbus, Ohio.

Improving human health requires big thinking

Diseases like cancer and Parkinson’s can only be defeated by big, bold thinking. Grand Rapids — today a thriving hub of medical and biomedical ingenuity and education — is up to the task.

Note to all business leaders: Read the room

There is a valuable axiom in business that guides many successful people — “read the room.” It means be aware of your surroundings and the people in the audience.

After five years of legalized cannabis, where next?

In December 2021, we began the fifth year of regulation of legalized marijuana in Michigan.

Swipe fee rules for credit cards would hurt small firms

Twelve years ago, Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) introduced a last-minute amendment to the historic Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill.

Keep education standards high for young learners

When I was responsible for the Instruments Division at Stryker, the West Michigan-based Fortune 500 company, I knew we had to continually invest in our sales representatives.

Knowing your customers is critical to sales success

I recently experienced what has become a common event. A client said sales were flat for too long and knew something had to be done.

Performance and market forces drive company value

It’s the first question a small business owner thinks about when considering selling their business: “What is my company worth?”

What is the cost of being short-staffed?

Most business owners can easily relate to the emotional toll being short-staffed causes. Knowing exactly the cost of being short-staffed or hiring the wrong person for your company can be difficult to measure, however.

COVID-19 punches hole in college enrollment

Since the onset of the pandemic, far too many of Michigan’s high school seniors — particularly non-affluent seniors — have had their dreams shattered.

What makes these women so influential?

Look up the definition for “influential” and you get “having influence.” Hmm, not particularly helpful.

If Fed acts wisely, expect inflation rate to regress

In a New York Times op-ed in January, Paul Krugman commiserated with those blindsided by the jump in the U.S. inflation rate.

‘You’re getting warmer’ is not a good way to exercise executive leadership

I’ve come to believe that most leaders are unintentionally playing a game of “You’re getting warmer, you’re getting colder” when it comes to creating clarity around their organization’s purpose, vision and values.

Common ethics dynamics in Zucker, Flores matters

We like to think that high-profile ethics issues like CNN CEO Jeff Zucker’s resignation (for failing to follow CNN’s conflict of interest rules) and former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores’ discrimination lawsuit against the NFL, are outliers.