Public Record



19-04862 – BOONE, William M. & Suzanne R., 3831 Yorkland, Comstock Park, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-04875 – MAGEE, Vernard D. & Geraldine A., 853 Oakcrest SW, Wyoming, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 13)

19-04878 – CHOBAN, Kimberly L., 219 S. Maple, Caledonia, Eliot A. Sasson (Ch. 7)

19-04881 – DIAZ-MEDINA, Guadalupe D., 7123 Nottingham SW, Wyoming, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-04887 – BUITENDYK, Jack R. II & Amy L., 2691 Westlake Court NE, Greg J. Ekdahl (Ch. 7)

19-04888 – WATSON, Tracie D., 1349 Jefferson, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-04889 – BOLTON, Matthew S., 1943 Porter SW, Wyoming, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 7)

19-04894 – TORRES, Angelito J., 4255 Poinsettia SE, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-04899 – DLUGE, Darryl S., 35 Park Lane, Sparta, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-04902 – DAVIS, Janice M., 2636 Woodmeadow SE, Marc A. Talsma (Ch. 7)

19-04910 – RAHMIC, Hadajet & Fahira, 4250 S. Castle Ridge, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-04914 – ROBINSON, Kevin B., 626 Delaware SE, Travis T. Russell (Ch. 13)

19-04918 – GEE, Darryl G., 347 Brady NW, Comstock Park, Jeffrey R. Portko (Ch. 7)

19-04938 – ROGERS, Rebecca A., 57 S. Monroe, Rockford, Michael P. Hanrahan (Ch. 13)

19-04940 – CAVAGNETTO, Natalie A., 773 Helena NE, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)



Selected mortgages filed with Kent County Register of Deeds

CHUN, Anthony et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411433453005, $291,000

GIBBS, Lincoln, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411109378016, $288,411

PEARSON, David et al, AFI Financial, Parcel: 411915276009, $442,000

WALS, Francisco, Quicken Loans, Parcel: 411436380016, $295,000

BOMAN, Richard E. et al, Mercantile Bank, Parcel: 411233202012, $330,300

HATLER, David et al, Grand River Bank, Parcel: 411531227204, $394,000

RANDLES, Ian L. et al, Key Bank, Parcel: 412111178017, $585,000

STURRUS, Neal et al, Neighborhood Loans, Parcel: 411531327012, $307,500

OFIELD, Larry et al, United Wholesale Mortgage, Parcel: 411424400050, $350,000

FLEMING, John S. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Grand Rapids Twp., $450,000

VOSOCIC, Nicholas C. et al, Wells Fargo Bank, $319,200

STEELE, Thomas et al, ChoiceOne Bank, Parcel: 411508451018, $320,000

MILLARD, Bradford P. et al, Raymond James Bank, Parcel: 411803203007, $375,000

O'CONNOR, James G. et al, Old National Bank, Parcel: 411427381010, $709,000

ABDALLAH, Wissam et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411907105034, $716,000

BALL, Jason et al, USAA Federal Credit Union, Parcel: 412114177031, $369,000

DICKINSON, Michael et al, Chemical Bank, Parcel: 411414400014, $397,000

HOARD, Alan, ChoiceOne Bank, Parcel: 411509252017, $484,350

INTERRA HOMES LLC, Chemical Bank, Parcel: 412110479031, $7,000,000

MURPHY, Daniel S. et al, Benchmark Mortgage, Parcel: 411108226019, $284,050

ROERSMA, Nathan W., Independent Bank, Parcel: 411108402004, $661,500

VALDEZ, Vincent E. Jr. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411036351011, $513,000

KUNNEN, John R. et al, Wyndham Capital Mortgage, Parcel: 411727443016, $315,095

DOCTOR ENTERPRISES LLC, United Bank, Parcel: 412306451037, $1,320,000

HAFFENDEN, Pamela G., Novus Home Mortgage et al, Parcel: 411127300008, $280,000

LAMBERTON LAKE MHC LLC, Capital One, Parcel: 411405277004, $1,085,000

ROERSMA & WURN BUILDERS, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 410731226007, $288,750

ROERSMA & WURN BUILDERS, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 410731276005, $352,500

ROERSMA & WURN BUILDERS, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411024331014, $332,304

COOK, Holly J. et al, ChoiceOne Bank, Parcel: 411526276019, $420,800

WALKER RETAIL MANAGEMENT LLC, Parcel: 411301151017, $49,500,000

BROWER, Scott R., Northern Mortgage Services, Parcel: 410720101010, $278,000




The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV–civil appeals, AR–criminal appeals, AE–Employment Security Commission, AS–superintending control, AH–Habeas Corpus, AW–other writs, AX–extradition retainer, AZ–other extraordinary law remedies, CB–business claims, CC–condemnation, CL–labor relations, CK–contracts, CE–environment, CH–housing and real estate, CR–corporate receivership, CP–consumer protection, CS–small claims, CZ–other general civil, NI–personal injury, ND–auto negligence, NP–products liability, NM–malpractice, NS–dram shop, NO–other personal injury, NZ–other damage suits, PG–garnishment, PA–attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

JBE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 428 Nine Mile Road NE, Comstock Park, Jacob Becker, Edmund Nash V

JOHNTENTEN PRESS, 2044 Nathan Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Fredric Allen Carlson, Maxine Louella Carlson

PARADISE PROPERTIES, 1494 Meadowview St. SW, Wyoming, Noe Fernando Ojeda Garcia, Janeth Clarissa Hernandez Fernandez

VARNUM LLP, 333 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids, Scott J. Hill, et al



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

ADVANCED TEETH WHITENING PLUS, 1119 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids, Marcela Ligia Garcia

AKIYA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, 3665 Goodman SW, Wyoming, Daniel Christopher Cline

ANGEL NAILS BY PT, 3700 17 Mile Road, Cedar Springs, Jennie Trang Nguyen

BEADAGANS, 5521 Pinebrook Ave. SE, Kentwood, Kim Branagan

BELLA WINDOW CLEANING AND PROPERTY SERVICE, 4515 Rolling Ridge Drive, Caledonia, Sean Cornett

CABER CONVENIENT MOBILE BARBER, 565 Sluyter St. SE, Kentwood, Eric Wright

COMFORT FOOD EXPRESS, 180 Ottawa Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Elizabeth Claire Ulrich

DANIELLE DOXTATER D.J., 320 Alden Nash Ave. SE, Lowell, Danielle Sue Doxtater

JTO HOME SERVICES, 3934 Avery Drive NW, Walker, Jeffrey Thomas Oleniczak

LEELYNN'S CLEANING SERVICE, 5700 Gentian Court SE, Grand Rapids, Shelia Lynn Shang

LOCK SNAP COMPANY, 3161 Broadway Ave. SW, Grandville, Larry Wormmeester

LUSH NAIL BAR, 6080 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Amy Le

MICHIGAN TRAILS MAGAZINE, 128 Courtland St., Rockford, Robert Wesley Pulver

MY MY LBS & MORE, 814 Hancock St. SE, Grand Rapids, Cre Shone Deontae White

MYPUBLIC ID, 6373 Wainscot Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Matt Warner

OUR MAJESTY'S HANDYMAN SERVICES, 141 Fontenelle St. SE, Grand Rapids, William A. Simpson

PEKING INN, 701 68th St. SW, Byron Center, Qi Tie Chen

ROCKFORD LIVING MAGAZINE, 128 Courtland St., Rockford, Robert Wesley Pulver

STEVE EDWARDS SERVICE, 34 Pleasant St., Sparta, Steven Paul Edwards

THOR EQUITTES, 2459 Rockhill Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Cynthia Ann Grapczynski

TOLEDO PAINTING, 2649 Avon Ave. SW, Wyoming, Omar Toledo Carrasco

VALLEY GIRLZ, 10452 Lodge Drive, Allendale, Mackenzie Lynn Messner

VARNUM, 333 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids, Varnum LLP

VARNUM ATTORNEYS AT LAW, 333 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids, Varnum LLP

VARNUM, RIDDERING, SCHMIDT & HOWLETT LLP, 333 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids, Varnum LLP

WCI – SNOW MANAGEMENT, 13704 Myers Lake Road, Cedar Springs, Daniel Wagner

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