Public Record



19-04679 – KAPLAN, Catherine J., 1348 Union NE, April A. Hulst (Ch. 7)

19-04683 – THORNE, Ronald N. III, 10251 Edgerton NE, Rockford, Ralph M. Reisinger (Ch. 13)

19-04686 – MATEO, Patrick F., 1242 Grandville SW, Aaron J. Kenyon (Ch. 13)

19-04692 – GREENE, Lisa A., 11099 Pine Island, Sparta, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-04694 – SAHAGUN, Robert, 5428 Brittany, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 13)

19-04695 – CRATER, Kristyn G., 496 Ivy Grove South NW, Michael M. Malinowski (Ch. 7)

19-04697 – PONSTEIN, Arthur J., P.O. Box 888158, Jody Jernigan (Ch. 13)

19-04706 – DUPONT, Anthony M., 4468 Montcon SW, Wyoming, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-04707 – CALLAHAN, Nancy E., 718 Everglade SE, Travis T. Russell (Ch. 13)

19-04711 – TORRES-RODRIGUEZ, Yolanda, 1029 Caulfield SW, April A. Hulst (Ch. 7)

19-04722 – PION, Ellery, 51 Floyd SW, Wyoming, Greg J. Ekdahl (Ch. 7)

19-04726 – HARRELL, Joseph C., 2013 Burton SE, John A. Potter (Ch. 7)

19-04732 – PAYNE, Janice E., 2451 Glenbrook SW, Wyoming, April A. Hulst (Ch. 7)

19-04733 – RONCHETTI, Andrea J., 302 W. Maple, Caledonia, Marc A. Talsma (Ch. 7)

19-04737 – RAHMIC, Nihad, 4553 Meadowlawn SE, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-04738 – WEEKS, Arthur & Kathleen, 1310 Paris NE, Bernard Schaefer (Ch. 7)

19-04786 – BASHORE, Randolph L., 5301 21 Mile, Sand Lake, Travis T. Russell (Ch. 13)

19-04787 – FORCE, James R. & Corrie L., 10800 Deerwood, Lowell, Rebecca L. Johnson-Ellis (Ch. 13)



Selected mortgages filed with Kent County Register of Deeds

WIERENGA, Lee et al, Churchill Mortgage Corp., Parcel: 412321212014, $285,000

LAW, Bruce D., Waterstone Mortgage Co., Parcel: 410613202022, $251,750

LAFOND, Jenna L. et al, American Financing Corp., Parcel: 411021202033, $270,019

KUIPER, Kristin R., Mercantile Bank, Parcel: 411810151017, $277,000

ROELOFS, Daniel et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411607300018, $304,500

SCHOTT, Eric et al, Low VA Rates LLC, Parcel: 411321479009, $256,903

BAARS TRUST et al, Fifth Third Bank, Caledonia Twp., $575,000

LARKIN, Garry et al, Northern Mortgage Services, Parcel: 411903480007, $290,000

SANDMAN, Melissa, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411619100030, $440,000

WHEELER, Herbert H., Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411419316028, $250,000

HALPERIN, Joel et al, Bank of America, Parcel: 411803103015, $480,000

TREECE, Michael et al, Churchill Mortgage Corp., Parcel: 410806300019, $365,100

POLS, Robert, Locenti Equities LLC, Parcel: 411532301017, $250,000

SZUCH, Staci L. et al, First Choice Loan Services, Parcel: 410730438018, $364,000

ALBERTS, Michelle D. et al, Huntington National Bank, Parcel: 411210101006, $270,000

KUHN, Sonia A., Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411732179015, $283,500

LEACH, Sean W. et al, American Internet Mortgage, Parcel: 412324100053, $455,000

DRLICH, Dawn, Consumers Credit Union, Parcel: 411733226044, $250,800

BLANCHARD, Brock et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411915254005, $400,000

DOORN, Martin III et al, Macatwa Bank, Parcel: 411922202015, $354,000

HILLS, Jamie et al, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Parcel: 411436101003, $341,500

BARR, Adam T. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412209411030, $250,400

DEBOER, Timothy et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412204451011, $271,700

INGHAM, David L. et al, Huntington National Bank, Plainfield Twp., $250,000

ROSKAM, Wade, Huntington National Bank, Parcel: 411907202017, $250,000

LYTLE, Adam et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411911401011, $598,500

KEMPEMA, Tonya M. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411720405017, $352,000

HOLLAND, Timothy, Independent Bank, Parcel: 411109377010, $301,500

FROST, Timothy J. et al, Grand River Bank, Parcel: 412304202005, $479,930

REIDZANS, Ronald A. et al, Benchmark Mortgage et al, Parcel: 411803328021, $289,750

MECKES, Aaron C. et al, NorthPointe Bank, Parcel: 412217176026, $225,429

JOHNSON, Edward A. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412317229003, $380,000

MORROW, Nickolas et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411803258014, $592,000

WEST GARFIELD LIMITED DIVIDEND HOUSING LP, Fifth Third Bank, Parcel: 411806353050, $4,100,000

MROZOVICH, John S. et al, PrimeLending, Parcel: 412116226006, $370,000

ANTVELINK, Brian et al, Huntington National Bank, Parcel: 412116303009, $484,350

GIETZEN, Patrick et al, Dart Bank, Parcel: 411529326005, $258,000




The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV–civil appeals, AR–criminal appeals, AE–Employment Security Commission, AS–superintending control, AH–Habeas Corpus, AW–other writs, AX–extradition retainer, AZ–other extraordinary law remedies, CB–business claims, CC–condemnation, CL–labor relations, CK–contracts, CE–environment, CH–housing and real estate, CR–corporate receivership, CP–consumer protection, CS–small claims, CZ–other general civil, NI–personal injury, ND–auto negligence, NP–products liability, NM–malpractice, NS–dram shop, NO–other personal injury, NZ–other damage suits, PG–garnishment, PA–attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

BROTHERS JERKY, 3407 Perry Ave. SW, Wyoming, Michael Allen Holland, Daniel Joe Holliday

IGNITION AUTO CARE, 149 Crown Ave. SW, Wyoming, Eleazar Ojeda Garcia, Noe Fernando Ojeda Garcia

IVANREST ASSOCIATES, 5800 Foremost Drive, Grand Rapids, Jeffry Ridings, Jeffrey Smith, Thomas Northway



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

ABOVE & BEYOND CLEANING SERVICES, 5882 Ridgebrook Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Aretha Fountain

CALIX PAINTING, 4360 Timber Ridge Trail SW, Wyoming, Rosa Elena Zamudio Munoz

CANON FIRE PROTECTION, 3547 Alpine Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Keith Moulton

CUSTOM REMODELING SERVICES, 125 47th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Matthew James Eggleston

DC CUSTOMS, 3026 Byron Center Ave. SW, Wyoming, Megan Marie Bitz

EDYS TIENDITA GUATEMALTECA, 350 28th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Oscar Benjamin Ailon Mendoza

ESSENTIAL PREMIUM VITAMINS, P.O. Box 1327, Grand Rapids, Sean Fayette Howard

GOLF BALLS & MORE, 3683 Maplebrook Drive SW, Walker, Jason Hendricks

GRAND ADVISORS, 5481 Sand Dune Court SW, Wyoming, Jeffry Dekam

GREG MILESKI HANDYMAN, 433 Brownell St. SE, Grand Rapids, Greg Mileski

HANK KAPTEYN BLDR, 8840 East Paris Ave. SE, Caledonia, Hank Kapteyn

HARPER TASTY FOODS, 349 Paris Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Drake Vincent Harper

HOLLABEC DESIGNS, 2856 Locke Ave. SW, Grandville, Rebecca Marie McKenney

HUNTER'S MOON KENNEL, 3491 Knapp St. NE, Grand Rapids, Kevin Crowley

INFINITY FLOORS, 2156 Lansing St. SE, Grand Rapids, John Paul Micklewright

INTERIOR SPLASHES, 5144 Amanda Drive SW, Grandville, Jamie Lyn Bloomquist

JIM'S PRECISION BUILDERS, 8760 Cedar Creek Drive, Petoskey, James L. Greiner Jr.

LUX OF LASH, 1550 28th St. SW, Wyoming, Lee Le

PURE SOPHISTICATION, 268 Carriage Lane SW, Grand Rapids, Lakeysha Ann Mcfarrin

RMD ARCHITECTS, 1744 Marne Estates Drive, Marne, Robert M. Doornbos

ROYCE PAINTING COMPANY, 15189 Kelly St., Spring Lake, John Royce Richardson III

SILO COMPANIES, 4697 88th St. SW, Byron Center, Lisa Venneman

TARZAN'S LANDSCAPE MGMT, 219 Wallasey Drive SW, Grand Rapids, Daniel E. Navarro

TEN O'CLOCK DESIGNS, 1232 Woodland Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Brittany Rasmussen

THE APPLE BARN SOAP CO., 5856 Fieldstone Ridge Drive, Rockford, Kevin William Berridge

THE QUINTESSENTIAL BOOKKEEPER, 426 Grand Ave. NE, Grand Rapids, Sherri Lynn Moore

TOM'S CHAIR MAINTENANCE, 913 Mary Ann Court, Greenville, Thomas John Steele

TRIPLE NIPPLE CONSULTING, 10200 Myers Lake Ave. NE, Rockford, Ryan Lynn Jordan

USA HATS, 1832 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, Donnell Betts

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