Public Record



19-03843 – WALKER, Patrick J., 2717 Mulford SE, Anthony Abueita (Ch. 7)

19-03847 – BRIGGS, Antashia A., 163 Holly SW, Jeffrey D. Mapes (Ch. 7)

19-03849 – KADUNIC, Amra, 2760 Castle Bluff Court SE, Kentwood, Eliot A. Sasson (Ch. 7)

19-03850 – SMITH, Michael I., 958 Dunham, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-03859 – STROO, Tod A. & Michelle R., 5920 Valley Lane SE, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 13)

19-03870 – HAVEN, Dick, 4557 Trail View Drive NE, Eliot A. Sasson (Ch. 13)

19-03879 – EVANS, Michael A., 3502 Anncliff NE, Rockford, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 13)

19-03880 – ETCHER, Thomas L & Amy J., 4191 Ponca SW, Grandville, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 13)

19-03885 – HEDGES, Alicia A., 132 Willowbrook SE, Ryan F. Beach (Ch. 7)

19-03886 – STANSELL, Gilbert F. III, 706 Madison SE, Greg J. Ekdahl (Ch. 7)

19-03888 – LEWIS, Kathleen F., P.O. Box 888872, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-03890 – SMITH, Tina M., 820 Monroe NW, Ralph M. Reisinger (Ch. 7)

19-03894 – MOUW, Randall L., 2655 Grand Castle Blvd., Grandville, Perry G. Pastula (Ch. 7)

19-03908 – CHHARTALA Grand Rapids LLC, 23145 Pleasant Meadow Road, Diamond Bar, Calif., Robert Bassell (Ch. 11)



19-08971-CZ–GILDE, EDWARD J., Aaron M, Phelps, atty., vs. WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE INC. et al

The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV–civil appeals, AR–criminal appeals, AE–Employment Security Commission, AS–superintending control, AH–Habeas Corpus, AW–other writs, AX–extradition retainer, AZ–other extraordinary law remedies, CB–business claims, CC–condemnation, CL–labor relations, CK–contracts, CE–environment, CH–housing and real estate, CR–corporate receivership, CP–consumer protection, CS–small claims, CZ–other general civil, NI–personal injury, ND–auto negligence, NP–products liability, NM–malpractice, NS–dram shop, NO–other personal injury, NZ–other damage suits, PG–garnishment, PA–attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

DBS PUBLISHING, 3361 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Drew Sikkema, Bethany Sikkema

GOLF MICHIGAN PLAYBOOK, 5400 Cristo Drive NE, Rockford, Thomas H. Smith, Robert L. Nash

HUG-A-BEARS OF KENT COUNTY, 7807 Kenrob Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Ilaflo Barfuss, Cherie L. Hanson

LASHER ARTS, 266 Timber Creek Circle, Comstock Park, Steve Lasher, Teresa Lasher

PEAK HEATING AND COOLING, 3690 W. 104th St., Grant, Angel Alberto Ochoa, Marcos Antonio Ochoa, Adan Alejandro Ochoa, Juan Carlos Ochoa



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

B.W. ROOFING, 1345 Hamilton NW, Grand Rapids, William Witte

CHARLIE'S DESIGN SHOP, 6123 Eastern Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Janet Kaminski

CHRISTIANITY WWW.ORG.COM, 144 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, Shaun Rushing

CRAWFORD BOOKKEEPING AND TAX SERVICES, 1500 Kelly Lane NE, Lowell, David A. Crawford

E3 REAL ESTATE BUYERS, 2647 Starboard Court SE, Kentwood, Theresa Denise Borst

ED LLOYD MASONRY, 10052 Whitneyville Ave., Alto, Ed Lloyd

HIGHER GROUND CRAFTS, 2370 142nd Ave., Dorr, Cornelia Christina Bouwer

HOPE ASSOCIATION, 144 S. Division Ave., Grand Rapids, Shaun Ankindo Alexander Rushing

LAURIE SCHMIT, 233 E. Fulton St., Grand Rapids, Laurie Lynn Dix Schmit

MITTEN FLORAL, 1450 43rd St. SW, Wyoming, Monique Marie Garcia

MORGAN BOSS PHOTOGRAPHY, 335 Vansen Drive, Kent City, Morgan Lynn Paulsen

NICK PIERRE AND COMPANY, 518 56th St. SE, Kentwood, Monika Matthis

ORIENTAL MASSAGE, 2913 Brenton Road SE Grand Rapids, Xiaofei Ren

PGP WORLDWIDE, 681 Highlander Drive NE, Rockford, Todd Wabeke

R&H PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES, 305 Lemyra St. SE, Wyoming, Cesar Noel Ramos Esparza

RUSTY SERVICES, P.O. Box 1545, Grand Rapids, Sarah Jane Rusthoven

SEEKING OT, 818 Moorings Drive, Ada, Jennifer Velliquette

THE PODCAST NETWORK, 3423 Boone Ave. SW, Wyoming, Jacob Kapanui

THORNAPPLE COUNSELING, 9809 Cherry Valley SE, Caledonia, Tara Marie Blury

TLM TENDER LOVING MOMENTS HOMECARE & SERVICES, 3027 Burritt St. NW, Grand Rapids, Shemeka Janell O'Neal

TURNAROUND TEXTILES, P.O. Box 6912, Grand Rapids, Mara Gericke

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