Public Record



19-00108 – LATHAM, Andrew L. & Nancy C., 704 Griggs SE, Michael M. Malinowski (Ch. 7)

19-00116 – RIVERA, Casper J., 3124 Byron Center SW, Wyoming, Michael P. Hanrahan (Ch. 7)

19-00117 – HOLLIS, Fennath R., 235 Lyon, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-00118 – STRIKWERDA, Kathi J., 444 Delaware SE, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-00129 – ZIMMER, Bonita J., 2279 Radcliff Circle SE, David C. Andersen (Ch. 13)

19-00139 – LOPEZ, Katherine A., 4461 Walma SE, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-00144 – GAY, Daniel W. Sr., 2523 East Mulford Court, pro se (Ch. 7)

19-00148 – CURRY, Michael R., 3346 40th SW, Grandville, Rebecca L. Johnson-Ellis (Ch. 13)

19-00154 – RUSH, Ryan J., 2501 Boulevard SW, Wyoming, Jacob T. Tighe (Ch. 7)

19-00159 – CLAFLIN, Elizabeth S., 339 43rd SE, Jody Jernigan (Ch. 13)

19-00160 – JONES, Timothy J., 1058 Pulaski SW, Jeffrey D. Mapes (Ch. 7)

19-00163 – HAINES-JAMISON, Tracy M., 1458 Cambridge, Ralph M. Reisinger (Ch. 7)

19-00166 – ZAPATA, Adam J., 2611 Wabash NE, Martin L. Rogalski (Ch. 7)



Selected mortgages filed with Kent County Register of Deeds

LEWIS, George Fielding et al, USAA Federal Savings Bank, Caledonia Twp., 10-5-10, $224,800

FISHER, Wade et al, Mortgage 1, Solon Twp., 15-10-11, $350,000

WITGEN, Brian R. et al, KS Statebank, Plainfield Twp., 35-8-11, $560,405

KADIRIC, Muhamed et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Egypt Creek Estates, $879,200

MARSMAN, Kenneth J. et al, New Day Financial, Byron Twp., 23-5-12, $244,360

DARLEE LLC, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Cascade Twp., 31-6-10, $215,000

KNAUF, Andrew Thomas et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Penney's Add, Lot 20, $240,800

BRAMEIJER, Michael T. et al, Flagstar Bank, Cascade Twp., 4-6-10, $360,000

PRICE, Ross J. et al, Chemical Bank, Condo-7th Street Lofts, $278,500

HINOUE, Toshinori et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Villas at Town Square, $217,600

HAGRELIUS, James et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Dix Farm, $300,000

CW DEVELOPMENT LLC, Fifth Third Bank, Cascade Twp., 7-6-10, $180,000

KNAUF, Andrew Thomas et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Smith's Add, Lot 7, $278,600

OLNEY, Donald J. et al, A&N Mortgage Services Inc., Jonathan Woods Estates No. 2, Lot 49, $480,000

35 OAKES ASSOCIATES LLC, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Kent Plat Spring Street, Lot 24, $620,000

D&T LAND HOLDINGS LLC, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Walker, 7-7-12, $345,133

ANKER-WERDERITS, Janet et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Chamberlain's Plymouth Road Plat, Lot 75, $204,725

GRAHAM, Matthew et al, TIAA, Condo-Clements Mill, $254,000

MORGAN, Timothy R. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Cannon Farms No. 2, Lot 32, $223,570

TEODOR, Ovidiu et al, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Bailey's Grove No. 1, Lot 17, $216,000

DOYLE, Daniel et al, Churchill Mortgage Corp., Meadowview Estates, Lot 8, $205,875

COLLINS, Amy M. et al, AAC Credit Union, Vergennes Twp., 4-7-9, $221,000

LAKE, Bryan et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Cannon Twp., 22-8-10, $667,777

BECK, Alex et al, PNC Bank, Stony Bluff, Lot 19, $288,915

LIPINSKI, Douglas et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Grand Rapids Twp., 24-7-11, $930,000

NIXON, Bryan J. et al, Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, Cascade Woods No. 6, Lot 148, $359,975

KOBER, Matthew et al, PNC Bank, Algoma Twp., 6-9-11, $389,500

ANDERSON, Joseph et al, Recovco Mortgage Management, Condo-Buttrick Ridge, $580,500

FRYE, Tenisa et al, Northpointe Bank, Bailey's Grove No. 16, Lot 432, $253,326

VANHAREN, Jodi et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Cannon Twp., 11-8-10, $342,000

BEYER, Katherine et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Chateau Estates No. 3, Lot 100, $223,250

BARCROFT, Lawrence R. et al, Macatawa Bank, Meyering Maryland Est. Sub, Lot 152, $205,600

MARTIN, Bruce et al, Fifth Third Bank, Condo-Huntington Ridge, $221,000

GILLESPIE, Nancy et al, Huntington National Bank, Paris Park No. 3, Lot 654, $212,500

NAJAR, Louis et al, Old National Bank, Forest Ridge Estates, Lot 25, $225,010

KUEMPEL, Michael D. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Cook's Crossing North Site Condominium, $259,447

TERRY, Daniel Schiffer et al, VanDyk Mortgage Corp., Condo-River Bluffs, $520,000

VANDENBERG, Michael et al, Finance of America Mortgage, Country Club Village No. 2, Lot 50, $240,000

LIEBLER, Jesse et al, Quicken Loans, Summerbrooke Estates No. 1, Lot 21, $299,300

LEDGER BUILDERS INC., Macatawa Bank, Condo-Veranda at Thousand Oaks, $330,028

KOMMICK, Ryan et al, Level One Bank, Condo-Clear Meadow, $270,750

BEEKE, Calvin et al, Old National Bank, Grand Rapids Twp., 12-7-11, $256,000

CRESTON PROPERTIES LLC, Huntington National Bank, Steinmann's Assessor's Plat No. 5, Lot 146, $240,000

VANDELLEN, Mark et al, Quicken Loans, Condo-Monroe Terrace Condominiums, $235,000

THOLL, Robert et al, Morgan Stanley Private Bank, East Grand Rapids, 34-7-11, $165,000

SWEET, Chris et al, Macatawa Bank, Condo-Boulder Creek Site Condominiums, $347,700

COFFMAN PROPERTIES LLC, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Walker, 5-7-12, $180,769

SHELTROWN, Timothy M. et al, Grand River Bank, Homewood Park, Lot 16, $212,000

HUERTA-ORTIZ, Rolando et al, Consumers Credit Union, Johnson Estates No. 10, Lot 263, $255,360

SNAVLEY, Chelsea M. et al, Isabella Bank, Condo-Swathwood Estates, $267,495

RVRCTY VENTURES LLC, Comerica Bank, Paris Highlands, Lot 13, $270,000

2355 BELMONT CENTER NE LLC, My Personal Credit Union, Condo-Belmont Farms Condominiums, $485,000

INTERRA HOMES LLC, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Chase Farms No. 2, Lot 72, $211,214

INTERRA HOMES LLC, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Graymoor, $225,996

WATSON, Gary et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Condo-Gatehouse Condominiums, $201,375

10 IONIA LLC, Metabank, Grand Rapids Village, Lot 1, $276,250

JORDEN, Fred L. Sr. et al, Towne Mortgage Co., Cutlerville Orchard Estates No. 5, Lot 149, $250,000

MONARREZ, Elva et al, Mercantile Bank of Michigan, Oriole Park Estates No. 4, Lot 107, $215,920

SINGH, Balkar et al, Allen Edwin Home Builders, Hanna Lake Trails, Lot 27, $403,507



19-00840-CH–EWING ENTERPRISES LLC, Sara C. Vyncke, atty., vs. BDT HOMES LLC

The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV–civil appeals, AR–criminal appeals, AE–Employment Security Commission, AS–superintending control, AH–Habeas Corpus, AW–other writs, AX–extradition retainer, AZ–other extraordinary law remedies, CB–business claims, CC–condemnation, CL–labor relations, CK–contracts, CE–environment, CH–housing and real estate, CR–corporate receivership, CP–consumer protection, CS–small claims, CZ–other general civil, NI–personal injury, ND–auto negligence, NP–products liability, NM–malpractice, NS–dram shop, NO–other personal injury, NZ–other damage suits, PG–garnishment, PA–attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

CROWNED CREATIVE STUDIO, 2444 Boulevard Drive SW, Wyoming, Aaron Steven Seaberg, Sarah Marie Seaberg

FLO, 304 Bona Vista Drive NW, Grand Rapids, Leo Frederick Chenard II, Denise Marie Brander

GRAND RAPIDS SPECIALTY THERAPY LLP, 4070 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Justine Braford, Audrey Mitchell

HOEKSMA FARMS, 10225 Freeport Road, Freeport, Simon Hoeksma, Martin Hoeksma, Ron Hoeksma



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

AMIRE BEAUTY, 6047 Woodfield Drive, Grand Rapids, Kenya Godwin

CLIFTON BURGIS PROPERTY, 1379 Kimberly Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Judith Clifton

D'MARIEES, 443 Storres St. SE, Grand Rapids, Devlin Armstrong

DK NAILS SPA, 2237 84th St. SW, Byron Center, Thuy Du Pham Dinh

EARLY BIRD LAWN CARE SERVICE, 34 Zeno St. SW, Grand Rapids, Cordell E. Posey Jr.

EASTERN NAIL STUDIO, 3338 Eastern Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, An Truong

EMILY FREW MAKEUP ARTISTRY, 6478 Avalon Drive SE, Caledonia, Emily Frew

FULL CIRCLE CLEANING SERVICES, 653 Garfield NW, Grand Rapids, David Sturgis

GARY ROOSIEN PAINTING, 10555 Duncan Lake SE, Caledonia, Gary Roosien

GNS RACING GROUP, 1410 Biggs Ave., Lowell, Vince Opperman

HEADSNTAILS AUTO, 1980 Bayou Court, Grand Rapids, Kenneth Albert Strickland III

I AM, 629 Lynch St. SW, Grand Rapids, Linda Gail Thomas

ILLUMALIGHT, 7321 Old Hickory Drive, Belmont, Samuel Dean Barnard

IRIS-RAYE COLLECTION, 600 Monroe Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Chelsea Raye Kozminski

J.G.H. ENTERPRISE, P.O. Box 1198, Grand Rapids, Joyce Hintz

KOINONIA COUNSELING CENTER, 2566 22 Mile Road NW, Kent City, Sara Marie Rice

KSM ENTERPRISE, 1200 Fisk Road SE, Grand Rapids, Kim Michelle Starks

L.A.M. JEWERLY, 417 Lyon St. NE, Grand Rapids, Laurel Allison Mills

LAITH TRUCKING, 3852 Rowland SE, Grand Rapids, Ahmed Faisal

LANDMAN CATTLE CO., 8864 Vincent Ave. SE, Alto, Shawn Landman

LANNING LAND COMPANY, 730 66th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Henry G. Lanning

LISA LENDERINK PHOTOGRAPHY, 3120 Bannockburn Drive SE, Ada, Lisa Lenderink

MITTEN MAGIC, 104 Locust Lane, Cadillac, Trevor Thiebaut

NILES SERVICES, 4045 Luxford Ave. NW, Comstock Park, Kevin Louis Niles

PEARL REAL ESTATE FIRM, 2912 Beechwood Drive SE, East Grand Rapids, William Pearl

PERFECT MATCH PAINTS, 7501 Cannon Run Drive NE, Rockford, Kenneth E. Nelson

PICTURE PERFECT BUILDERS, 1758 Waldorf St. NW, Walker, Joshua Hults

QUANTUMCURIOS BOOKS, 126 Lakeside Drive NE, Grand Rapids, Brett Michael Walsh

QUICK BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS, 4350 Peach Ridge Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, Todd Michael Quick

ROGERS ENTERPRISES, 5410 14 Mile Court NE, Rockford, David Alan Rogers

TAB AND ASSOCIATES, 1930 Keyhill Ave. SE, Kentwood, Thomas A. Wysocki

TEACH WITH ME, 4056 N. Norway St. SE, Kentwood, Diane L. Henderson

THREE'S A CROWD, 3275 Shear NE, Grand Rapids, Scott Vanderark

UNIQUE TAX SERVICE, 276 Lewis St., Rockford, Erma Bailey

WHITE FEATHER STUDIO, 648 Ethel Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Sally Jenks

WYOMING NAILS, 1633 28th St. SW, Wyoming, Nancy Le

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