Public Record



19-05080 – SMITH, Holly R. & Dennis C., 550 Springfield St. NW, Comstock Park, Jeffrey D. Mapes (Ch. 13)

19-05100 – HURTADO, Jessica A., 869 Fourth St. NW, Rebecca L. Johnson-Ellis (Ch. 7)

19-05103 – DANNAH, Antoinette, 4823 Arbor Lane SE, John D. Dodson (Ch. 7)

19-05104 – SMITH, TaTanisha L., 5779 Ridgebrook Ave. SE, Kentwood, John D. Dodson (Ch. 7)

19-05111 – COOK, Kevin R. & Donna L., 3360 Auntie Jo Lane, Kent City, Rebecca L. Johnson-Ellis (Ch. 13)

19-05115 – TELMAN, Alisha M., 13085 Crinnion Ave. NE, Cedar Springs, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-05124 – THOMPSON, Carol D., 3925 Yorkland Drive NW, Comstock Park, Jeremy Shephard (Ch. 7)

19-05126 – HILL, Dennis P., 13140 Seven Mile RoadNE, Belding, Greg J. Ekdahl (Ch. 13)

19-05131 – JORDAN, Alonda M., 4599 Drummond Blvd. SE, Eliot A. Sasson (Ch. 7)

19-05148 – DANIELS, Rodrick & Nicole, 1000 Tamarack Ave. NW, Bernard Schaefer (Ch. 7)

19-05151 – STAPLETON, Frank J. Jr., 3154 32nd St. SE, Nicholas A. Reyna (Ch. 7)



Selected mortgages filed with Kent County Register of Deeds

STANTON, Nancy et al, Supreme Lending, Parcel: 411026223018, $391,244

BROUGHTON, Justinian et al, Better Mortgage Corp., Parcel: 411518300011, $409,360

LAPHAM TRUST, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Parcel: 411411402019, $485,000

SMIEGIEL, Robert et al, Fifth Third Bank, Parcel: 410607304023, $278,300

JONES, Kristy K., Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411812428005, $284,900

WAKEFIELD, Courtney E., United Wholesale Mortgage, Parcel: 410615139007, $275,742

HICKEL, Stephen M. et al, Mortgage 1, Parcel: 411629400042, $350,000

MCINTOSH, Jennifer et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 410735100031, $306,000

MIELKE, Troy, Old National Bank, Parcel: 411403327011, $293,250

BOSMAN, Patricia A. et al, Mortgage 1, Parcel: 411433108008, $664,000

MACDONALD, Christine E., Guardian Mortgage, Parcel: 411905151029, $969,400

LEWIS, Kate D. et al, VanDyk Mortgage Corp., Parcel: 410635206015, $284,747

JOHNSON, Richard et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412122252003, $323,000

LOCKWOOD, Geoffrey M. et al, Notre Dame Federal Credit Union, Parcel: 411915201020, $370,000

INTERRA HOMES LLC, Chemical Bank, Parcel: 411014200029, $7,000,000

HARING, Patricia M. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 410623400033, $422,750

OBENAUF, Kelly D. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 410727326013, $350,250

FORD, Brian et al, Old National Bank, Parcel: 411509351011, $411,000

HERAGHTY, Bradley K. et al, Kaye Financial Corp., Byron Twp., $290,000

QUAIN, Thomas, ChoiceOne Bank, Parcel: 410901126007, $355,000

TWEEDY, Adam et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411532103001, $337,500

IRWIN, Benjamin et al, JG Wentworth Home Lending, Parcel: 411332327040, $396,000

VESEY, Stephen et al, Northern Mortgage Services, Parcel: 411426252010, $314,250

FLORES-ACEVEDO, Maria et al, Inlanta Mortgage, Parcel: 412329152041, $278,400

THIBAULT, Bertrand et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411033479006, $445,500

WELLS, Clark et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412115159003, $425,000

PETERS, Michael et al, Polaris Home Funding Corp., Parcel: 412326400057, $345,930

AMBROSE, David A. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 412308399015, $325,000

HOUCK, Bryan et al, Independent Bank, Parcel: 410729427020, $408,000

THOTA, Veera V. et al, Quicken Loans, Parcel: 412124301041, $357,600

ADAMS, Eric, Mortgage 1, Parcel: 411131451001, $430,000

ANDERSON, Amy M. et al, Lake Michigan Credit Union, Parcel: 411011352020, $278,400



19-11342-CZ–CURTIS, MARK L., Aaron M Phelps, atty., vs. WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE INC. et al

The following is a brief description of the circuit court file classifications: AV–civil appeals, AR–criminal appeals, AE–Employment Security Commission, AS–superintending control, AH–Habeas Corpus, AW–other writs, AX–extradition retainer, AZ–other extraordinary law remedies, CB–business claims, CC–condemnation, CL–labor relations, CK–contracts, CE–environment, CH–housing and real estate, CR–corporate receivership, CP–consumer protection, CS–small claims, CZ–other general civil, NI–personal injury, ND–auto negligence, NP–products liability, NM–malpractice, NS–dram shop, NO–other personal injury, NZ–other damage suits, PG–garnishment, PA–attachment



Co-Partnerships filed with the Kent County Clerk

2 CHIX 'N' A MOP, 2402 Barfield Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Kimberly Rose, Jennifer Marlette



Assumed names filed with the Kent County Clerk

A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ASSISTED LIVING, 6093 Woodfield Drive SE, Grand Rapids, Jacqueline Sarvis

COTTAGE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISES, 2640 Union Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Jessy Harvey Smit

DANI'S LOVING CARE, 1851 Cornelius Ave. SE, Grand Rapids, Danielle Jackson

E.D.E PAINTING AND CLEANING, 1572 Lillyview Court SW, Wyoming, Dino Mujkic


GOLDEN NAIL SPA, 3458 Alpine Ave. NW, Walker, Thu Giang Thi Le

HEALTHY LIVING TECHNOLOGY, 1617 7th St. NW, Grand Rapids, Michael Monroe Hedrick

INNER BEAUTY BOUTIQUE, 6714 Cascade Lakes Court SE, Grand Rapids, Alexus Jorden

JAZZ FITNESS, 3825 Yorkland Drive NW, Comstock Park, Jessica Maria Atkins

JOHN KLAASEN CUSTOM BUILDING, 16830 Albrecht Ave. NE, Cedar Springs, John Klaasen

MELISSA DIEKEMA PHOTOGRAPHY, 2111 Jefferson SE, Grand Rapids, Melissa Diekema

MUSIC STUDIO OF KAREN A. BETZ-GRIEWAHN, 3220 Sunrise St. SE, Grand Rapids, Karen A. Betz-Griewahn

NOOR EYES BY INDIA, 3700 Rivertown Parkway SW, Grandville, Remesha Mohsini

OOH LA LA SALON, 1208 Leonard St. NW, Grand Rapids, Nathaniel Johnson

PICKME BOUTIQUE, 616 48th St. SE, Grand Rapids, Paris Monique Jasmine Williams

ROCKFORD RIDESHARE, 7272 Brooks Lane NE, Rockford, Robert E. Sorenson

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS HOME REPAIRS, 4169 Tamarack Turn St. NE, Grand Rapids, Kevin Lee Ferguson

TIM'S TAX SERVICE, 1119 Bryant St. SW, Wyoming, Timothy Boettcher

TNT DETAILING, 12690 14 Mile Road NE, Greenville, Tracy Caswell

YASIR NATURALLY ESSENTIALS BEAUTY/APPAREL, 1026 28th St. SW, Wyoming, James Mario Jackson

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