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Tax planning opportunities for a Biden-Harris presidency

Last year was filled with unprecedented actions and unknowns.

Talent equals economic growth

Austin Texas voters just voted to raise property taxes to pay for the operations and maintenance of Project Connect, a high-capacity, $7.1-billion transit system expansion.

Rural broadband improvements welcome in southwest Michigan

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, USDA Rural Development had a phenomenal year in Michigan during 2020.

Can the Heartland teach us to innovate better together?

The year 2020 brought us a pandemic, deepened political divides and highlighted long-existing inequalities.

9 ways to help you stick with your New Year’s resolution

“This year is going to be different” is a statement that comes to mind for many of us as we begin the start of a new year.

5 indications you need a plan, and 4 questions to get started

I spend a lot of time with leaders and leadership teams as an EOS Implementer.

The future of business already here

Nearly a year since the pandemic began, companies throughout Michigan and beyond have evolved to become more virtual.

Employers can mandate vaccines — to a point

Long before the first COVID-19 vaccine made its big debut, questions flew about whether employers could require workers to get one as a condition of employment.

As pandemic continues, mental health is key

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced seismic shifts in our daily lives. It has brutalized our economy and left many jobless. It has claimed too many of our loved ones and created many uncertainties in our lives personally and professionally.

Cybersecurity is everyone’s business

The recent news regarding the major cybersecurity breach impacting federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies is alarming.