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Report paints sobering picture of US economy

There is a new must-read report from McKinsey entitled “Unequal America: Ten insights on the state of economic opportunity.” The findings come from an online survey conducted by Ipsos of 25,000 Americans in the spring of 2021.

Your 7-step plan for creating chaos in your family business

Most business owners know that proper succession planning can help keep their business running strong into the next generation.

Vacation rentals: Before you invest, know the risks

The vacation-rental boom spawned by Airbnb and similar services is undeniable, and there is seemingly no end in sight.

Developing your salesperson

Which of these issues are worrying you these days?

Five essential economic development lessons

Oracle announced in April it is bringing 8,500 jobs at an average salary of $110,000 to central city Nashville.

There is something for everyone in West Michigan

The other day I met someone and we exchanged conversational pleasantries. As is the norm, our conversation meandered to discuss our origins. “Are you from West Michigan?” this person asked me. My answer: “I am now.”

Buyer beware in hot housing market

Real estate in Michigan is a “seller’s market” this spring, which is all the more reason for buyers to proceed with caution.

Financial literacy vital to long-term success

About two-thirds of Americans lack financial literacy — a concept that if understood and applied can change the course of one’s future — according to FINRA’s most recent National Financial Capability Study.

End of times? It’s debatable

A couple of months ago, PRWeek published a column by Ian Bruce of Forrester Research titled, Why Traditional PR is Dying.

Four (tempting) behaviors to avoid when saving for retirement

To err is human, but you can sidestep some of the most common mistakes people make in saving for retirement by avoiding these four oh-so-tempting behaviors.