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Politics masquerading as environmental concern are at it again

I have written about Michigan’s Line 5 before. Last year, I called for a common-sense middle road that exercised caution in protecting our beautiful Great Lakes but did so in a manner that did not put the burden on the working-class folks of Michigan.

When a prenuptial agreement isn’t an option

Creating a thoughtful, sensible prenuptial agreement is an important step in the wedding planning process. However, many choose to avoid these agreements because it can be uncomfortable to suggest a prenup, much less discuss the specifics.

Make mental health a priority when returning to work

As the state of Michigan begins to open up again and more employees head back to work, it’s important to make mental health a priority.

Are outside salespeople obsolete?

One of my clients recently asked me: “Are outside salespeople obsolete?” He is the CEO of a distributor that specializes in automation equipment. He had just lost three field salespeople and was thinking about replacing them.

Move away from college entrance exams

By far the best predictor of college success is a student’s high school grades.

Know the changes with auto insurance reform

For years, people called for changes to the state’s auto insurance system, arguing they were paying nearly double the national average and simply could no longer afford it.

What you need to know about PPP’s loan forgiveness

The U.S. Department of the Treasury recently announced rules required for business owners to make use of the Paycheck Protection Program's (PPP) loan forgiveness feature.

COVID-19 construction issues

The COVID-19 pandemic and accompanying government orders have led to major disruptions in the construction industry in Michigan

When COVID-19 struck, West Michigan’s generosity and compassion shined

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in monumental challenges for society. But, as is often the case in times of crisis, it also spurred powerful acts of solidarity, adaptability and innovation.

Re-examine policies that maintain structural racism

As America confronts the reality of structural racism, it is clear we must fundamentally reform policing now. It also is clear that redesigning policing is not enough. We need to put on the table topics that have been off the table for far too long.