2020 Newsmaker of the Year: Veteran opens boutique civil litigation firm in Grand Rapids

Edward Perdue Courtesy Edward Perdue


WINNER: Edward Perdue

COMPANY: Perdue Law Group PLLC

Despite his disability, Edward Perdue is continuing his path of service to others.

The military veteran opened his boutique civil litigation firm, Perdue Law Group PLLC, in February after spending more than 23 years as an attorney at Dickinson Wright in Grand Rapids.

Perdue served in the Persian Gulf War. He also was deployed to France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Israel and Japan, among other countries, during his military service. Over time, he incurred different injuries that resulted in doctors rendering him partially disabled.

“I have a 10% disability rating in both of my ankles,” he said. “I ended up twisting my ankles a lot in the Marine Corps when we were marching and doing different things like that in airborne school, and instead of falling out, I would just let the corpsman tape them up. So, they would twist, and I would tape them up. It worked out fine because I didn’t want to fall out, but I learned later that (my ankles) weren’t allowed to swell and heal. By taping them up pretty tight, I ended up grinding a lot of the bones in my ankles and the cartilage in there. So, there are constellations — in both ankles — of little bone chips in there, which causes a lot of discomfort and early arthritis.”

Nevertheless, his disability has not derailed him. At Perdue Law Group, he helps clients with commercial, labor and employment, real estate, automotive and product liability litigation matters. He also has a public speaking and leadership practice and is the author of “The Little Green Book – A Leadership Manual for Professionals.”

Perdue also is president of the Grand Rapids Veterans Bar Association and works closely with active-duty military, veterans, first responders and their families.

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