5×5 Night re-emerges


5x5 Night is a pitch competition that features five entrepreneurs who present their ideas to a panel of judges for $5,000. Photo via fb.com

The 5×5 Night monthly pitch competition for entrepreneurs is back.

The re-booted 5X5 Night is produced by emerge West Michigan. Start Garden, which will support the contest, will host the first night of the new event tomorrow, beginning at 5 p.m. 

Five entrepreneurs will present for a chance to win $5,000 in grant funding to move their innovative idea, product or service forward.

Each entrepreneur will have five minutes to present their idea in front of a panel of five judges to take the next step in creating, testing or launching their idea.

The original 5×5 Night was launched in Februrary 2011 by Rick DeVos, founder and CEO of Start Garden. The last of the original 5×5 Nights was in March 2012, just before Start Garden, the early stage venture capital fund, launched in April 2012.

June event

The entrepreneurs presenting tomorrow night have been selected: Matt Witte, Wheel Around; Sarah Sughnen Yongo, Watch-Pet from a Mile; Justin Herd, OneBowl; Maxwell Clark, Universal Socks; and Hugh Ingalls, Ultimate College Success Program.

This month’s judging panel includes representatives from a number of industries: Rick DeVos; Christian Gaines, executive director of ArtPrize; Jamaal Ewing, microloan program manager at GROW; J.D. Loeks, president of Celebration! Cinema; and Attah Obande, president at AGO Design Group and mentor at Spring GR.

5×5 process

5×5 Night will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

Presentations can take place at locations throughout West Michigan.

5×5 Night is designed to support and engage the entrepreneurial community and includes a reception after the competition for people to network and discuss ideas.

There are no restrictions on the types of ideas a presenter can submit to participate in the competition.

The online 5×5 Night community votes on the ideas that can present at the event.

Applications and votes on the submissions are due the week before 5×5 Night.  

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