8 reasons no one is reading your blog


If you’re like many small business owners, you might be investing a ton of time into a company blog without seeing any results.

Your traffic is less than impressive, your Facebook shares get a measly six likes and you’re certainly not seeing any leads come out of it. 

Here are some potential reasons why that might be the case and some tips on how to turn it around.

1. You’re bland and have no voice

Your blog needs to be engaging. Take a bold stance. Be intentional (and consistent) about your tone and voice. Be unique in the way you write your content, so that you stand out from the crowd. 

2. You’re not adding value

Don’t devote your blog to talking about yourself and selling your products. Help your audience solve a problem. Give them advice and link to other helpful resources. Leave them with actionable insights that they can quickly implement. 

3. No one cares about your topic

Just because you think your topics are cool doesn’t mean your audience does. Listen to them during phone calls and meetings, stalk them on social media and use Google’s tools to see what your audience is actually searching for. 

4. The content is either too elementary or too aggressive

Balance is key. If you’re spitting out 101 rhetoric every week, they’ll immediately sniff that out and take off. On the other hand, if you head down rabbit holes or make your readers feel like idiots, they’ll still do that. Again, be mindful of your audience. Figure out what their knowledge is on the subject, and talk about it at a level that makes sense for them. 

5. You’re not timely enough

If you’re finally getting to that blog post on United Airlines, don’t bother — unless you have valid backing and reasoning for your fresh eyes on the topic. With social media today, people move quickly. News is hot for about a minute, until everyone moves on to the latest screw-up. 

6. It’s not optimized for SEO

Let me first reinforce tip 3: make sure you’re writing about what people are looking for. If you’re writing about something that no one cares about, then no one is going to be searching for it on Google, and you’re missing out on all of that free traffic. 

But it takes more than a newsworthy topic. You need to write the post with SEO in mind. Make the post scannable using headings, sub-headings and bullet points. Find ways to integrate those primary keywords into your blog in a logical manner. 

7. You’re not promoting it enough

Sharing the link once on your Facebook page isn’t going to cut it. Leverage email newsletters, all of your social channels, the homepage of your website and most importantly, your staff. Also, don’t assume that your content is done after you do all of this. Re-purpose those blogs down the road to make the most of them. 

8. You’re not converting the visitors that you do manage to capture and engage

You can drive millions of people to your website, but if you’re not doing anything to engage and capture them while they’re there, you’re wasting your efforts. Include strong call-to-actions, lead-generation forms and links to other pages on your site to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Blogs are a great tool for generating content and building thought leadership, but you need to be intentional and strategic if you’re going to see the results you’re looking for. Follow these tips to help ensure that you’re doing so. 

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