‘Active lifestyle’ restaurant franchise entering market


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An "active lifestyle" restaurant franchise out of the country’s Northeast has signed an agreement with its first Michigan franchisee to bring several restaurants to the state over the next few years.

Syracuse, New York-based CoreLife Eatery said it has signed an agreement with Joyce Lunsford, a Michigan native and an experienced restaurateur.

Lunsford will open the first CoreLife Eatery in Michigan at the Bucktown shopping center in Grandville this April, followed by 25-30 more CoreLife Eatery locations throughout Michigan and possibly into Indiana.

Future restaurants are slated to open in the suburban areas of Ann Arbor and Detroit.

Lunford’s franchise agreement is for 51 CoreLife Eatery locations over the next eight years.

Lunsford, who has her corporate office in Stevensville, south of St. Joseph, has been in the quick-service restaurant business for many years and owns nearly 50 franchise restaurants, including Pizza Hut, Sonic and Moe’s Southwest Grill.

“Over the years, I have always tried to find good concepts,” she said.

CoreLife Eatery has the philosophy “change your lunch, change your life.”

It uses greens, grains and bone broth as basic building blocks for its menu items.

Dressings, broths and beverages are made from scratch every day in each location, so there’s a “noticeable differentiation” from other dining alternatives.

The restaurant also uses a single-line service system and a narrowly defined menu to allow for “maximum interaction with guests” and “virtually" eliminate "order error."

“CoreLife Eatery is a unique brand where the focus is on the quality and the food, which is rare nowadays within the restaurant industry,” Lunsford said.

She said the interior and exterior of CoreLife Eatery restaurants focus on “health and wellness.”

The first CoreLife Eatery opened in May 2015 in Syracuse, New York. There are currently six locations.

The brand recently announced it will be franchising the concept. CoreLife Eatery plans to expand to 300 locations, including both corporate and franchisee restaurants, over the next five years.

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