Activewear retailer extends footprint


The women-only Gazelle Girl Half Marathon was developed to honor women. Photo via

A retailer of footwear and activewear is heading to the east side of the state.

Gazelle Sports said last week that it will open its fourth store this summer, this one in the metro Detroit market.

The retailer, which sells gear for running, yoga and soccer, will open Gazelle Sports Northville at the Northville Park Place shopping center.

The store is expected to open in June.

The company also operates locations in Grand Rapids, Holland and Kalamazoo.

“We’ve been building our company, so we could support growth,” said Chris Lampen-Crowell, co-owner, Gazelle Sports. “We’ve been significantly investing in our infrastructure and human resources, so that we can grow, while keeping our mission and values aligned and at the forefront of everything we do."

Lampen-Crowell added that Gazelle Sports wants to be a “thriving business,” so it can so it can continue to help people to be "active and fit."

Gazelle in Northville

Lampen-Crowell said that each new sales associate will receive more than 60 hours of training, with continuing education averaging two hours a week.

“We want to provide a different kind of customer experience, one we don’t think is currently available in this area,” Lampen-Crowell said.

Lampen-Crowell also believes the “breadth” of Gazelle’s product selection, particularly apparel, “isn’t currently available in the area.”

The retailer said it has already been involved with soccer clubs in the Northville area.


Gazelle Sports was named one of the top-four running stores in the nation in 2012 by Competitor Magazine. The store has made the top 50 every year for nearly a decade.

The company is also a B Corp, which means the nonprofit B Lab has certified that Gazelle has met standards of “social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.”

“We have really solid roots in terms of our belief system and why we’re in business,” Lampen-Crowell said. “To grow and continue to be in business over a span of 30 years, you have to be highly adaptable, but also never lose your focus.”

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