Aircraft supplier buys jet for parts


The E190 jet by São José dos Campos, Brazil-based Embraer. Courtesy AeroVision International

A supplier of refurbished aircraft and parts has purchased a new jet.

Muskegon-based AeroVision International said last month it bought an Embraer E190 aircraft.

The E190 is the first acquisition of this type for the company, which also supplies ERJ parts.

The 100-seat aircraft was recently removed from "active revenue passenger service" and was purchased without engines.

AeroVision said the aircraft will be disassembled for parts.

The purchase represents AeroVision’s entry into parts and line-replaceable unit support for EJet series aircraft.

The E190 aircraft has 95 percent commonality with the E195 and significant commonality with the E170 and E175 aircraft, the company said.

All major components and sub-assemblies will be made available once the “reduce-to-parts” process is initiated this month.

Angela Baker, AeroVision’s VP of components, said the company, which already supplies Embraer ERJ series regional aircraft parts, is “excited” to launch its EJet product line.

Jeff Barnes, AeroVision president, said the company has "built a platform that will allow us to duplicate our ERJ parts support success."

Barnes called the purchase a “significant step” in AeroVision’s efforts to build a “complete regional aircraft support business.”

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