Ameritemp Staffing undergoes name change to reflect growth, new direction


Kim Fettig announced recently that his firm Ameritemp Staffing was undergoing a name change in response to its growth and evolution within the staffing industry.

Now operating under Fettig, with the tagline “where the right person matters,” Fettig said his firm is better able to convey the diversity of its job placement offerings and can move away from the idea of being a temp-only firm.

“There are two primary reasons,” Fettig said of the name change. “One is that our product offering is broader than what our prior brand allowed for, if you will. There are a lot of people who knew us as Ameritemp Staffing, knew that we were really good with skilled and semi-skilled manufacturing, but we are capable of offering a lot more than that.

“There is another reason. The vast majority of our orders — I would say 90 percent of the open orders that we are working to fill — are our clients looking to hire somebody permanently, long term. Our name had the word temp in it, which would imply that it’s a temp job … and that’s not reflective of the majority of our orders. We wanted to get rid of the temp name as well as enable a name that we would be able to work with a broader spectrum of clients.”

In addition to providing staffing for the manufacturing sector, the firm has expanded its services in office, direct hire and light industrial staffing.

Fettig mentioned that his two sons, Mike and Jay, are part of the business, and he thinks it is important to acknowledge the family business aspect of the company, particularly in West Michigan, which is another reason for choosing Fettig.

Besides the name change, Fettig said the firm has added 50 percent more office space, bringing its office, at 6151 28th St. SE, to 3,500 square feet. The space will accommodate the growing in-house team.

Fettig said he expects to see a 30 percent to 50 percent growth in business this year due to the post-recession recovery and some major changes within the staffing industry.

“For the most part, the recession caused a lot of employers to do a major reset on how they approach a lot of things,” Fettig said. “They are using firms like ours to find the people for them, instead of having their own staff on board to do it.”

Many companies are now outsourcing the search component of human resources, which Fettig said saves a company time and money. One reason for the change may be the move toward online applications, which provides job seekers an increased ability to get their résumé in the hands of the human resources department but also results in an influx of often hundreds of résumés that need to be reviewed.

“I’ve told people in the past that we are in the needle-in-the-haystack business and our job is to find that needle for you,” Fettig said. “The only thing that has happened with the recession and all the unemployment is the haystack got bigger; it doesn’t necessarily mean there are any more needles in it. So it’s a lot more work for the employer, or anyone, to find the right person for their position. Outsourcing it makes a lot more sense.”

Fettig expects that companies will continue to utilize staffing firms going forward to help with the search component of the hiring process. He believes his company’s strength comes from the quality of its recruiters, and that recruiters are the main difference between firms in the industry.

“I also believe that we provide a better quality product than our competition,” Fettig said. “We really believe that it comes down to the quality of the recruiter doing the recruiting, and I believe that there can be a significant difference. We believe that our recruiters are better and therefore our sales are growing.”

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