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Amway has extended its exclusive research partnership with an Ivy League university.

Ada-based Amway said last week that it’s partnering with Yale University in New Haven, Conn. through 2016, doubling the length of their original partnership.

Skin pigmentation treatment

The partnership enables Amway scientists and Dr. John Pawelek, a Yale lab associate and research faculty member, to continue advancing their understanding of the molecular biology involved in skin pigmentation — specifically hyper-pigmented spots.

The research will help develop more effective, more targeted treatments.

Findings are expected to fuel "breakthrough products" in Amway’s Artistry Ideal Radiance Collection targeting skin brightening.

Amway said hyper-pigmented disorders are shown to have psychological and emotional impacts and are the result of highly increased melanin, the pigment responsible for producing color in hair, skin and eyes.

In some cases, the pigment is located in spots like solar lentigenes, or age spots, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, or PIH, and in others, it covers larger regions of skin, as in melasma.

Amway said that while topical treatments assume all disorders are equal and respond to treatment as such, clinician success requires individualized diagnosis and treatment.

PIH and melasma have a relatively high improvement rate, whereas age spots are much more difficult to treat.

The research by Amway and Yale will seek to understand age spots and develop models that predict more successful treatments, ultimately contributing to "targeted products that improve consumer satisfaction."

"Partnering with a global skincare leader like Amway is especially exciting — our collective research will inspire targeted scientific advancements that will empower women around the world by bolstering their confidence," said Pawelek, a published, patented expert in pigmentation processes, the causes of skin discoloration and the causes of metastatic melanoma.


Amway said its partnership with Yale is part of its “open innovation process,” which taps into research in academia and government and by inventors and others “on the forefront of cutting-edge science.” 

Pawelek is also a member of the Artistry scientific advisory board, a global network of experts in skin health and skincare research.

Established in 2007, the panel of academics and practitioners advises Amway scientists on a range of topics, while guiding new paths for research and technology exploration.

Amway scientists have implemented research studies with several board members, which have led to product development initiatives.

Artistry brand

Artistry is among the world's top five largest-selling premium skincare brands.

It was founded in 1958 by an entrepreneurial husband and wife team.

The Artistry portfolio features advanced skincare products developed with proprietary plant ingredients, targeting both the biological and environmental signs of aging for men and women, along with classic and seasonal color collections for face, eyes and lips.

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