Another spin around the sun


Each year around the holidays, I slow down and ask myself three questions. 

What happened this year? How can we improve? What are we missing as we head into the new year?

What happened? Though it sounds simple on the surface, it is actually significantly feeling-based, which makes it complex. What I'm after here is not a timeline or list of chronological events. What I'm after here is discerning what all of the feelings were over the past year. Were there feelings of stress, anxiety or joy? Trace back those feelings and match them up to your list of events. You will be amazed when you find your autostereogram of your year.

How can we improve? With your feelings matched up to your timeline, it is far easier to look back at things that need some love and evolution.

What are we missing as we head into the new year? We all understand the need to have a strategic plan heading into the new year, but do we ever slow down and ask ourselves this energy-filled question?

If you’re looking to grow and evolve heading into a new year, these questions might just help you better enjoy your next spin around the sun.

Inward. Onward. Upward!

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