App maps Grand Rapids bike routes


The mobile app Grand Rapids Bikes features bike routes in and around Grand Rapids. Photo via

A public health nonprofit has partnered with an area bike shop to develop an app that maps bike routes in Grand Rapids.

The nonprofit My City Bikes said last week that it has launched the free mobile app Grand Rapids Bikes for “beginner” cyclists.

The organization said it partnered with 3rd Coast Cycles in Hudsonville, which the National Bicycle Dealers Association recently named one of America’s Best Bike Shops.

The app for Apple and Android devices features cycling routes for “transportation, road biking, mountain biking and sightseeing in and around Grand Rapids,” the app’s description says.

The app is intended to be “a community resource for residents and visitors of Grand Rapids” and encourage people to “hop on a bike and ride for fitness, transportation or just plain fun.”

“We build a unique app for every city,” said Mike Davis, program technology director, My City Bikes. “Each app is a basic utility that just works, like your notepad or calculator. It’s something that people can depend on to give them what they need to get around by bike.”

The app also encourages people to get involved with cycling to prevent obesity and heart disease, said Sara Villalobos, community outreach director, My City Bikes.

“These are critical issues that cannot be ignored and ones that individuals can turn around simply by biking more often,” Villalobos said. “Biking is so simple and so effective for overall health, both physical and mental. We are here to show beginners the fun, safe biking options that exist all around them.”

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