Appliance maker enhances ice machine line


The Marvel Professional Clear Ice Machine stands beside a Marvel single-zone wine cellar in a kitchen. Courtesy AGA Marvel

An appliance maker in the region has upgraded its line of stand-alone commercial and consumer ice machines.

Greenville-based AGA Marvel said this month that it has released its new collection of Marvel Clear Ice Machines.

The company said the revised line produces better quality ice, is more energy efficient and quieter.

New features include sapphire blue and arctic illumination lighting and energy-saving features to conserve up to 25 percent of water and electricity.

Marvel said the ice machines offer greater operating efficiency, enhanced controls, improved service reliability and bolder aesthetics.

Ice quality

Marvel employs a fractional freezing process to create high density and slow-melting ice with “pristine purity.” It compared the process to how “a fine chocolatier tempers chocolate to a solid state for the best quality and flavor.”

Marvel said other clear ice machine brands re-use water runoff with inconsistent and sometimes cloudy results.

The brand's enhanced ice machines produce an ice shape that is “optimized” to provide “maximum cool down with minimum dilution,” according to Jim Holland, engineering director, Marvel.

He said a 3/4” cube is used to “maximize the density” of ice in a glass to cool the drink quicker, which he said “minimizes melt.”

“Ice quality is a critical component in the composition of a drink, especially with rare, ultra-premium scotch or bourbon,” said Leah Kalemba, brand manager, Marvel.

She said ice dilution affects flavor, adding that the “purer the ice,” the better the drink tastes as the ice melts.

The machines are able to produce 39 pounds of clear ice daily, the equivalent of more than five convenience-store bags of ice.

Other features

The upgraded ice machines also feature multi-function Marvel Intuit Integrated Controls with settings and alarms to optimize production rates and ensure ice quality.

A delayed start prevents wasteful water use, and an Eco Ice setting moderates ice production to a conservative rate to save 25 percent on utility bills.

Marvel said the improved line features further improved sound suppression, saying that the ice machines are “quieter than most dishwashers.”

The brand offers stainless steel, black and overlay finishes on the machines.

The machines are available in "low profile," ADA-height sizes for "universal design applications" and areas with limited space or thick flooring.

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