Appliance maker ranks among ‘Just 100’


The building industry, including suppliers such as Whirlpool, donates nearly 50 percent of the value of HomeAid America’s homeless housing projects. Photo via

Forbes has released its inaugural list of the 100 publicly traded companies making the most social impact in the U.S. — and a manufacturer in the region has made the list.

Benton Harbor-based Whirlpool, a global maker of home appliances and goods, has landed on Forbes’ new “Just 100” list that recognizes the corporate citizenship of 100 American companies.

The list is a partnership between Forbes and Just Capital, a nonprofit created by billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones II.

The ranking is based on worker pay and benefits, worker treatment, supply chain impact, community well-being, domestic job creation, product attributes, customer treatment, leadership and ethics, environmental impact and investor alignment.

According to Forbes, “to compile the 'Just 100,' Just Capital surveyed more than 50,000 Americans to determine what they consider to be the most important corporate traits. The survey results were used to derive 36 components that feed into 10 different drivers of company behavior. Nearly 900 companies were evaluated and ranked on those components, and their ensuing scores were utilized to come up with an overall score for their industry.”

A team of advisors and third-party consultants reviewed the process, the public survey and polling research and the corporate performance analysis to determine which companies made the "Just 100."

Michigan companies in the “Just 100”

Whirlpool, Benton Harbor

Dow Chemical, Midland

Ford Motor Company, Dearborn

General Motors, Detroit

BorgWarner, Auburn Hills

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