Appliance maker releases next draft beer dispenser


The home draft beer dispenser and refrigerator by AGA Marvel in Greenville. Photo via

An appliance maker is helping people use less energy to store and serve draft beer at their homes.

AGA Marvel in Greenville said last week that it has released its next generation of built-in and mobile draft beer dispensers and refrigerators, which are 40 percent more energy efficient than previous generations.

Marvel brand beer dispensers are engineered with the brand's “dynamic cooling technology” for temperature stability and rapid cool down.

The draft beer dispensers also feature a double-insulated tower to reduce foam on pour, improve energy consumption and “mitigate against unsightly condensation” sometimes found on air-cooled towers.

Robert Turnbull, senior engineer for the product line, said while competitors’ market “sweaty towers” as evidence of cooling performance, in reality, it’s a "sign of poor insulation and higher energy consumption.”

“We focused on cooling power and precision and minimizing foam on pour, while also conserving energy — an important design feature considering the impact we can have on reducing homeowners’ annual energy costs,” Turnbull said.

Energy use

Marvel’s move towards more energy-efficient products is a result of the U.S. Department of Energy’s more stringent energy requirements for refrigeration products, which took effect Sept. 15, 2014.

The company rolled out a new line of energy-efficient products in October that are all 40 percent more efficient than previous versions.

Marvel said it remains the only ENERGY STAR-rated draft beer dispenser and refrigerator on the market that can store and cool a half-barrel keg, as well as various configurations: tall quarter barrel or pony keg, with can/bottle storage; two sixth barrels or Cornelius kegs; and full can/bottle storage.

The refrigerator temperature can also be set to store perishables.

Other features

The Marvel draft beer dispenser and refrigerator is also built with a range of other features: Intuit integrated controls for precise temperature management; panel-overlay options for customization; an integrated drain system with removable components for cleaning; a low-profile coupler for tall barrels; and an external-mounted tank capability for an additional CO2 or nitrous tank.


Marvel beer dispensers are available through a network of AGA Marvel dealer showrooms across North America.

The product starts at a retail price of $1,799. 

AGA Marvel

AGA Marvel is a 120-year-old company that began operating in Greenville in 2005, where its appliances are engineered, hand built and tested. Marvel employs nearly 200 Michigan workers.

The company sells a range of cooking and refrigeration products under several brands: stoves, wine cellars, beverage and wine refrigerators, refrigerated drawers, outdoor refrigerators, ice machines and beer dispensers.

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