Appliance maker rolls out under-counter freezer


The residential under-counter freezer by Greenville-based Marvel can hold up to 200 lbs of frozen food. Courtesy Marvel

An appliance maker in the area is rolling out a new under-counter freezer for residences.

Marvel, a brand of Greenville-based AGA Marvel, said last month that its new 24-inch under-counter freezer offers storage space for up to 200 lbs of frozen food items.

The product was built to be embedded under a kitchen counter, which saves space and improves access.

The company said the freezer was engineered with Dynamic Cooling Technology for “improved long-term storage” of frozen items.

Marvel said its Intuit Integrated Controls help ensure precise frost-free temperature management to keep contents evenly frozen throughout, and the product features 10 settings for custom control and adaptability.

Jim Holland, director of engineering for Marvel, said temperature stability and "pull-down speed," or reducing an item's temperature, are critical factors in proper frozen food storage.

“Not all freezers are created equal,” he said.

Holland said some freezer products should only be classified as “frozen food storage products,” because they lack the temperature pull-down capability to freeze unfrozen items quickly enough to minimize bacterial growth and maintain food quality.

He added that large swings in storage temperature cause loss of moisture and freezer burn, dramatically shortening storage life.

Holland said that Marvel's under-counter freezer provides "rapid" pull-down capability, due to the company’s cooling technology, which also minimizes temperature fluctuation throughout the storage compartment.

Marvel's under-counter freezer line also includes a new high-capacity professional model, which is also for residential use, that features three full extension, commercial-strength chrome baskets with a Smooth Glide System and a durable top shelf constructed of heavy-duty FreshFlo stainless steel for efficient air flow and even temperature.

Marvel products are engineered, hand built, tested and inspected against quality standards at the AGA Marvel plant in Greenville.

AGA Marvel employs nearly 200 Michigan workers.

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