Appliance manufacturer rolls out new energy-efficient line


A Greenville-based manufacturer of under-the-counter refrigeration appliances will release its largest collection of products Nov. 1, all of which are 40 percent more efficient than its previous product line and exceed new U.S. Department of Energy standards.

The new line of AGA Marvel products, which includes beverage centers, refrigerators, refrigerator/freezers, refrigerated drawers, keg dispensers and wine cellars, are the result of updated energy requirements by the DOE.

“The Department of Energy mandated all refrigeration products meet more stringent energy requirements, effective Sept. 15, 2014,” explained Leah Clark, brand manager for North American operations at Marvel. “We were the first under-counter manufacturer to address the changing requirements with solutions that didn't sacrifice the features consumers want most.”

Clark said the company included its wine cellar products in the update, as well, even though those products were exempt from the DOE’s energy requirements.

“The category is now up to two times more efficient than our competitors,” she said.

All of Marvel’s new products meet Energy Star requirements.

The products also boast a handful of features based on market research Marvel conducted to better understand what household consumers want out of their products, including new dynamic cooling technology, which the company said “provides the most even temperature stability on the market with rapid cool down, real-time temperature accuracy and pinpoint control.”

The products offer a fully integrated seamless fit, greater storage configurations, quieter operation and smarter temperature controls.

“The industry is moving more toward fully flush, integrated designs, where appliances recess seamlessly into cabinetry,” Clark said. “Our new soft-close integrated hinge is an aesthetic and functional feature that speaks to this trend growing in popularity.

“Regarding the challenges, we developed a cantilevered shelving system in addition to other clever storage solutions that ensure maximum flexibility to adapt to homeowners needs, even as they change.”

Marvel is a 120-year-old company that has been recognized for its craftsmanship and advancements in the refrigeration industry. It began operating in Greenville in 2005, where its products are engineered, hand-built, tested and inspected against stringent quality standards.

“Our Greenville facility was established in 2005 in the town synonymous with Electrolux, and we absorbed much of the brain power that put Greenville on the map before,” Clark said.

“We continue to evolve throughout our 120-year history and pride ourselves in pioneering such advancements as the first glass door refrigeration unit, the first interiors featuring black and stainless steel options, the largest capacity residential refrigeration unit available, and now the largest, most innovative collection of integrated Energy Star-rated under-counter refrigeration appliances.”

Marvel introduced its new line over the weekend at the WestEdge Design Fair in Santa Monica, Calif.

The new line will be available through the company’s dealer network beginning Nov. 1. The MSRP ranges from $1,200 to $3,200. Marvel dealers can be found by visiting

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