Artist debuting pop-up art gallery


The Morton's current art gallery space. Courtesy Nomad Gallery

There will be a new art gallery in West Michigan.

But it is unlike your traditional gallery. The former owner of Richard App Gallery, Richard App, will be creating Nomad Gallery.

Nomad will be a pop-up gallery that will feature art at different public spaces and community events.

Artwork will be displayed at temporary locations for a limited time before the gallery moves to another open space in West Michigan.

The first exhibition will be from April 14 through May 18.

“The brick-and-mortar concept of galleries has changed, and this idea is an adaptation that moves with the times,” App said.

App will partner with Mike VanGessel and Mike Mraz from Grand Rapids-based Rockford Construction to host the first gallery at The Morton in downtown Grand Rapids.

The exhibition is intended to display art, but the ultimate goal is to attract permanent tenants into the space.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with Rich on this creative effort, activating existing space and promoting art throughout West Michigan,” said VanGessel, CEO, Rockford Construction. “Rich has a strong history in promoting art in Grand Rapids, and we’re excited to work with him.”

Artists will be able to display their own thematic styles and processes through both digital and traditional mediums.

The upcoming exhibition will feature work from artists such as Sheryl Budnik, Roger Bruinekool, Keemo, Ryan Spencer Reed and Paul Collins.

Graduating B.F.A. students from Grand Valley State University will also feature their artwork in a group exhibition titled “EMERGE.”

App started this new project after he closed Richard App Gallery on Cherry Street on Feb. 28. As the owner, he spent 17 years working as an artist and curator in the East Hills community.

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