Egypt Valley awards more than $600K in scholarships during past 100 years

Egypt Valley Country Club Courtesy Egypt Valley Country Club

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Egypt Valley Country Club announced it has awarded more than $613,207 in scholarships to 746 employees through the Egypt Valley Country Club Scholarship Foundation.

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation for which contributions are fully tax-deductible and each year provides scholarships to the employees’ chosen institute of higher education.

The country club provides 15 to 40 scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,750, depending on its funding. In 2020, EVCC awarded $37,500 to employees who were looking to further their education.

Egypt Valley has assisted doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers and many others with their education.

The club currently has 15 members on staff who are past scholarship recipients with seven of them functioning in leadership positions.

“It is wonderful that the Egypt Valley members created and continue to support the EVCC Scholarship Fund,” said Joe Tierney, assistant golf professional and scholarship recipient. “It shows that members have an interest in the betterment of Egypt Valley employees beyond just working at the club. The funds I received went toward my PGA PGM curriculum.”

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