Gun Lake Casino provides team members with $639,000 in bonuses

Gun Lake Casino Courtesy Gun Lake Casino

In January, Gun Lake Casino gave more than $639,000 in quarterly incentives to its team members, which included salary, hourly, full-time and part-time employees.

“We are exceptionally proud, especially during the ongoing pandemic, to continue our quarterly bonus program at Gun Lake Casino,” said Sal Semola, president and chief operating officer. “The devotion and hard work of our team played a monumental role in our success throughout this difficult year. This is our third round of bonuses provided during the pandemic, totaling over $2 million in support given to our hardworking team.”

The quarterly bonus incentive during the coronavirus pandemic is in line with the casino’s continued support of its almost 1,000 team members. They received continued health benefits and compensation during an eight-week pause in amenities at Gun Lake Casino, starting on Nov. 20 through Jan. 15.

Since 2011, the casino has rewarded over $17.2 million through the quarterly bonus program to its team members.

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