Autocam and Obamacare make national news


Autocam got a burst of news media coverage recently when the U.S. Court of Appeals denied John Kennedy’s legal challenge to Obamacare, which will require his self-insured company to provide coverage to employees for birth control and other medical forms of contraception.

Kennedy is a Catholic and says Obamacare will force him to go against his religious beliefs.

On Oct. 3, a column written by Kennedy was published in USA Today, announcing that he will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“The mandate of the Affordable Care Act is certainly an impingement on our religious freedom,” he told the Business Journal.

When individuals are hired at Autocam, he said, each is given an orientation that explains the company’s medical insurance, which is free to employees and used by 91 percent of them. They are told it does not cover any form of contraception.

Kennedy said his HR staff has told him “they never hear anybody complain about the health care plan. What they hear is, ‘Wow! This is an unbelievable health care plan.’”

He conceded that some employees have told him they do not agree with his religious stance regarding the coverage, “but they don’t feel like it’s forced down their throat. And they support what I’m doing to protect my religious liberty.”

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Jonker said Kennedy and family members listed as plaintiffs in the suit do not have the legal standing to bring the suit because the Obamacare mandate is on Autocam, and the Kennedys’ actions were made not as individuals but as officers and directors of the corporation.

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