Automation supplier invests $2M in expansion


Automated Machine Systems makes automation equipment and software for multiple industries, including a pneumatic de-stacker pallet dispenser. Photo via

A supplier of automation equipment and software to multiple industries is building a new plant in the area as it expands.

Automated Machine Systems in Jenison, or AMS, said yesterday that it will build a roughly 41,250-square-foot plant in Georgetown Township in the Georgetown Industrial Center, at 6651 Pine Ridge Ct.

Expansion project

AMS will invest about $2 million in the expansion project, which includes roughly $1.68 million for the new facility and additional costs related to the roughly six-acre parcel and new equipment.

The company anticipates relocating from its current location at 6726 Roger Dr. into the facility upon completion, according to a tax abatement application by AMS to Georgetown Township.

Kris Chayer, founder and president of AMS, said the expansion project is an important step forward for the company.

“Our new building will allow us to grow the business by creating efficiencies and expansion opportunities for many years to come,” Chayer said.

AMS has experienced significant growth recently and expects to create up to 12 new jobs over the next two years once the plant is completed.

"Positive" impact

Daniel Carlton, manager of Georgetown Township, said the expansion is a great investment in the community and an opportunity to create jobs.

“The township board looks forward to the positive economic impact the business will have on the area,” Carlton said.

He added that the project includes a 67,903 square foot “future proposed addition within the industrial park.”


AMS worked with Lakeshore Advantage in Zeeland, a regional economic development nonprofit, to develop its strategic growth plans.

Jennifer Owens, president of Lakeshore Advantage, said the company has continued to grow, invest and create jobs in the community due to its incredible work ethic and customer focus.

“Automated Machine Systems is a terrific example of our innovative manufacturing prowess,” Owens said.

Georgetown Township has granted AMS a 12 year, $1.6-million tax abatement “in support of the expansion and its economic impact.”


Established in 1997, AMS serves several industries: pallet manufacturing and recycling; material handling; and timber processing.

AMS supplies automation equipment for a variety of applications: wood recovery and pallet sorting, washing and painting and more.

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