Bagger Dave’s new location stirs conversation about chains downtown

Bagger Dave’s new location stirs conversation about chains downtown

Bagger Dave's is a self-described "guidepost" for those in search of "the great American burger and craft beer." Photo via

The recent news of Bagger Dave’s popping up downtown brought on varying reactions around town from medium rare to downright charred.

Some celebrated the addition of another burger joint, but others cringed at the idea of another chain restaurant "de-charming" the downtown landscape.

Here’s a glimpse at what folks have been saying.


  • “Yep. once they discover you, the chains are sure to follow. Yawn. I am not a fan of the chains in GR City. And Baggers will never come close to HopCat's Crack Fries.” –Tommy Allen from the GRBJ Facebook page
  • “I have always boasted about the lack of chains in the City of GR & in the past year, this has gotten harder. Not impressed with this decision.” –Amy Ann Deel from the GRBJ Facebook page
  • “Yummy!” –the Maximize Technologies on Twitter (@maximizetweet)
  • “Chain restaurant on the river, replacing natural area. Killing me” –Andy Crosby on Twitter (@240front)
  • “What sort of legendary burger tavern won't cook a burger medium rare? “ –He Fed She Fed on Twitter (@hefedshefed)
  • “Their fried eggs are precooked, too. No runny yolks. #lame #sad” –Matt Taber on Twitter (@matt_taber)
  • “We have been there twice in Holland already. They haven't gotten our order correct yet.” –Becky Lambers’ comment on the WZZM TV 13 story
  • “Although the GR (Kraft and 28th) got our order right, I wasn't impressed with their food. I'm better off going to a local bar . . . paying local bar prices and getting a great big juicy bar burger.” –Sarah Voorhorst Reid’s comment on the WZZM TV 13 story
  • “liked Red Robin better.” –Steven Stark’s comment on the WZZM TV 13 story

We got a hold of Local First to get their thoughts on Bagger Dave’s downtown news.

“The addition of chain restaurants, such as Bagger Dave’s, detracts from the uniqueness of our downtown. Agriculture and tourism are two of Michigan’s largest industries. Locally owned businesses support those industries in a truly unique way. People don’t travel to find the best chain restaurant –– they do travel to find a business that is unique to a certain place. We should be proud that the majority of the restaurants in our downtown are locally owned and unique to our community.” -Elissa Hillary, executive director of Local First.

What do you think (take our poll)? Do chain restaurants moving into downtown bother you?

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