Baker College offers flexibility, options for business students


Beginning with the fall 2019 semester, Baker College will offer three new programs for students pursuing all levels of business degrees, from bachelor’s to doctorate. The courses will be available at Baker campuses or online. Courtesy Baker College

The College of Business at Baker College introduced three new programs for students pursuing all levels of business degrees, from bachelor’s to doctorate. 

Beginning with the fall 2019 semester, courses for the new degree programs are available at Baker campuses across Michigan or online.

Na “Lina” Li, dean of the College of Business at Baker College, said Baker is launching the programs to offer more flexibility for students and their unique circumstances.

“We always strive to serve our students based on their needs, and we realize that our students have different challenges,” Li said. “We recognize that our students are facing more and different types of challenges than those before them.”

Some students want to finish degrees as soon as possible, so a couple of these options allow them to do that, she said. 

The first is a “4+1” five-year dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program, in which students may apply 12-15 credits to both degrees.

Six majors are available for the 4+1 program, including accounting, finance, human resource management, logistics, management and marketing.

The second new option is the accelerated path to complete a Master of Business Administration program within 12-16 months, depending on the major. It normally takes two years to get an MBA.

Part-time and full-time students pursuing any program have access to many Baker scholarships through the financial aid program, but Li said students pursuing the accelerated MBA program have access to greater scholarship opportunities as long as they maintain GPA.

Thirdly, Baker College is launching a new Doctor of Business Administration “all-but-dissertation” option. The DBA-ABD is designed for students who have completed all requirements for achieving their doctorate except for a dissertation, leaving them without an option for completing the degree.

The exclusive focus of the doctorate program is finishing the dissertation, the final piece to earning the degree.

Students pursuing the doctorate program will complete research for the dissertation, which they may then apply in future jobs or use to continue in academia, Li said.

She said admission counselors are working to spread the word to existing students.

Li said the business college’s instructors have industry experience, and small class sizes ensure students get more individualized attention.

In addition to the new degree programs, the College of Business at Baker continues to offer a variety of its traditional options for bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. Last academic year, Baker’s College of Business awarded about 850 bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate business degrees.

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