Consumers Credit Union adds antimicrobial protection for ITMs

Courtesy Consumers Credit Union

A credit union in the region has added safety measures to protect customers who use its interactive teller machines (ITMs).

Kalamazoo-based Consumers Credit Union said Wednesday, Oct. 14, it invested in the application of MonoFoil M on its ITMs, which can be applied in or onto a product to provide an antimicrobial coating inside and at the surface. The shield’s antimicrobial protection is sustained for up to three months after application and lasts between cleanings.

This is in addition to regular cleanings by employees.

Consumers said it has seen a sharp spike in the use of TellerPlus+ banking, aka ITMs, since the onset of COVID-19. When the state shut down nonessential businesses this spring, most financial institutions, including Consumers, closed their doors and serviced members through the drive-thrus only. The credit union had already replaced traditional teller tubes with ITMs in the drive-thrus the previous summer, ensuring employees could work remotely.

“During the height of the pandemic, we went from 18% to 100% of our transactions happening through TellerPlus+ banking,” said Consumers COO Scott Sylvester. “We were able to pivot so quickly thanks to our cross-training efforts, which saw as many as 34 retail staff employees serving members through the TellerPlus+ machines.”

The quick transition caught the attention of Mastercard, which awarded the institution a national Community Institution Segment Award for Innovation through service of its members through TellerPlus+.

“Members were very quick to pick up on the new technology,” Sylvester said, “But we still had people saying, ‘Okay, it’s great we can bank safely, but what about touching the machines themselves — doesn’t that still spread germs?’”

The short answer is no, thanks to the new safety procedures and application of MonoFoil M. 

“We still, of course, recommend washing your hands or using hand sanitizer always,” Sylvester said, “but this new safety measure does give some additional piece of mind for our members.”

Most Consumers offices are currently open for service; however, some locations are currently limited due to planned renovations. All drive-thrus remain open for ATM access 24/7 with teller availability from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday. Additional services are available at or by calling (800) 991-2221.

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