Barcode app records medical device data


A local entrepreneur created a simpler way for health industry workers to record medical device manufacturer data. 

Through the patent-pending smartphone app SxanPro (pronounced scan-pro) designed by Ashlea Souffrou, users can scan a device’s barcode and capture data including the manufacturer, reference number, lot number and expiration date. The service is available for almost 3 million devices, and that number is growing, Souffrou said.

The cloud-based software links the data from the app to a website so the user can view lists and create reports.

Prior to SxanPro’s introduction to the market, capturing detailed information from medical devices was primarily done manually, which is very time-consuming and naturally leads to human error, Souffrou said.

Even though there are large, expensive inventory management systems available, Souffrou saw a gap in the need to streamline the process of recording that inventory. 

“These users currently waste countless hours each week using manual processes to capture this data,” Souffrou said. “This tool is not meant to replace a supply chain inventory management system; instead, SxanPro will be used to obtain data on information like consignment inventory, supply core inventory expiration dates and out-of-use medical devices that need to be sold.”

Health care facilities, medical device representatives and distributors can use this technology to streamline processes.

Souffrou has worked nationwide in the medical device industry for over a decade, specifically focused on cost savings and sustainable solutions for health care. 

She started working in the medical device industry in sales for Stryker focused on repurposing medical devices not being used in the hospital. 

She then launched a distributorship, and one of the companies she represented worked with hospitals to buy the products they no longer use. Rather than disposing of a bunch of devices, the hospitals would sell them to the company, often for $20,000-$60,000. Part of this sale process meant Souffrou had to manually record the manufacturer data, so she knows firsthand how long it can take.

Souffrou said she has found incomplete and inaccurate data is the root of most related problems when working with hospitals, which contributes to significant financial waste. 

“What we're finding is that hospitals are doing so much work right now to become more efficient and cut costs,” Souffrou said. “This helps our leaders within our hospital and surgery centers make good decisions about the millions of dollars that they're spending on supplies.”

SxanPro has partnered with hospitals, surgery centers and medical device distributors over the last 12 months to create the technology as a common product for many types of users. Manufacturers began placing barcodes on medical devices and publishing the information about three years ago in accordance with the FDA. Souffrou’s team aggregates that data.

The patent was filed in January. App development started in March. Late summer and fall were spent testing the technology. Souffrou said she expects to expand staff and have an office space early next year.

Souffrou’s team is working on sharing information on SxanPro. The company already has customers in the U.S. and Mexico, including Dallas, Denver, Florida and “one of the largest health systems in Grand Rapids.”

Souffrou said she launched the company in early December because this time of year is when a lot of hospital staff work extra hours manually recording medical device data.

Those interested in using the technology can download SxanPro from the app store and contact the company to set up the service at Costs depend on the number of users. 

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