Bavarian pretzel shop moves into downtown


Brezel is a gourmet Bavarian pretzel shop that sells more than 40 flavors and other pretzel-based items. Photo via

A Bavarian pretzel shop is expanding outside of Ohio to join the downtown community this summer.

The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids said yesterday that Brezel, a gourmet pretzel shop, will be its newest vendor in the indoor Market Hall.

Brezel expects to be up and running by early June.

"Pretzels have become immensely popular in today’s food industry," said Mimi Fritz, president and CEO, Downtown Market. "We are excited to incorporate this movement at a local scale."

Authentic process

Brezel will sell authentic hand-rolled Bavarian pretzels, made in small batches with local ingredients, as well as other pretzel-based products, such as pizza crusts, buns and pretzel bites.

Brezel’s Bavarian pretzels are dipped in lye for “an authentic taste and texture”— a crusty exterior and soft, chewy interior.

With more than 40 flavors, the company changes its menu seasonally to ensure it’s using fresh ingredients.

Brezel's history

Brittany and Tim Baum opened Brezel following a trip to Germany in 2008, where they became hooked on Bavarian pretzels.

The pair returned to the Midwest and began searching for a pretzel that could compare to the ones they’d had abroad.

Their search was fruitless, so they decided to start making their own pretzels, and by 2009, Brittany Buam was selling the pretzels at local farmers markets.

In 2011, the Buam’s opened their first location in Ohio, and today, they have two locations in the state: one in the Columbus North Market and the other in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood.

Market Hall fit

The pair visited Downtown Market in 2013 and said they “fell in love with it immediately.”

“Grand Rapids has become recognized as a destination for hand-made craft products, including beer and spirits,” Brittany Buam said. “That was a huge selling point for us, because few snacks pair better with beer than pretzels.”

Fritz said Brezel is a perfect fit for the market.

“Brezel uses the pretzel as a platform for experimenting with new flavors, which opens them up to new partnerships with local vendors,” Fritz said.

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