Beer industry alliance taps contractor


A Brewers Professional Alliance beer bottle sign and newsletter hang at Cranker’s Brewery in Big Rapids. Photo via

A local construction firm is joining a partnership of beer industry service providers.

Rockford Construction in Grand Rapids has joined the Brewers Professional Alliance, a Grand Rapids-based group of professional services professionals that helps develop craft breweries.

The alliance was started in 2011 by Dan Slate, a CPA who’s also co-founder of H&S Companies, an accounting and business consulting firm in Fremont.

The alliance isn't a division of H&S and simply an alliance of professional services providers to help breweries manage their businesses, Slate said.

Slate said this week that parntering with Rockford Contruction will allow the allliance to offer clients more services, such as construction management, development, sustainability and more.

“The BPA benefits by being able to offer another important service to our clients,” Slate said. “We have seen a need for this and felt that partnering with a full-service construction company made the most sense.

“Rockford benefits by being able to be involved in construction projects on a community level, as the majority of the craft breweries we work with are locally owned and operated.”

The alliance said that breweries will benefit from Rockford Construction’s “deep understanding” of environmental responsibility and LEED-certification requirements, as well as its in house design and build services.

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