Founders rolls out final Mothership Series beer for 2021

Courtesy Founders Brewing Co.

Founders Brewing Co. is rolling out Blushing Claus in its taprooms this month.

The new beer is the final Mothership Series brew of the year and will be available exclusively in the brewery’s taprooms in Detroit and Grand Rapids in December.

A festive take on Blushing Padre, this raspberry Belgian ale was aged in tequila barrels before “being hit with enough cranberries and orange zest to make any mouth feel merry this holiday season,” Founders said.

Blushing Claus presents a “pleasant yet slightly aggressive tartness” alongside tequila and raspberry sweetness, with an ABV of 11.9%.

The Mothership Series includes ultra-limited, brew-team-favorite beers found only in bottles at Founders’ taproom locations, whether old standbys the brewery brought out of retirement or experimental new styles. Previous Mothership Series beers have included Harvest Ale, Hazy IPA, Blushing Padre, Detroit Double IPA, Devil Dancer, French Toast Bastard, Oktoberfest, Pale Joe and Mucho Lupu.

Blushing Claus will be available on tap and for purchase in Founders’ Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms starting Dec. 15 for a limited time for $20 per six-pack.

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