Bloop Frozen Yogurt opens in West Michigan


When customers order a cup of bloop yogurt, they’re providing a cup of clean drinking water to someone who needs it through the chain’s A Cup 4 A Cup initiative. Courtesy Bloop Frozen Yogurt

An average Michigander might say it takes guts to open a frozen yogurt store here in November.

But Brian Lambert, co-owner of West Michigan’s first Bloop Frozen Yogurt store, thinks it’s about something else: being different.

Bloop, a self-serve yogurt franchise that originated in Lynchburg, Va., opened its doors this month at 6333 Kalamazoo Ave. SE, which is in front of the Celebration Cinema, to a large crowd of interested customers.

“Our opening still surprised us,” Lambert said. “We had such a big opening. We were really worried about running out of yogurt. We were so surprised, especially for not having done any advertising.”

Lambert attributes the early success to being new. There are very few yogurt stores in the area, he said, which attracted him to franchising Bloop in Michigan.

“It’s because it’s new, so most people that came to our store had never even seen the concept before,” he said. “We have a lot less artificial ingredients and preservatives in it, so the yogurt tastes so much better. Everyone thinks it’s just a dessert option, but yogurt naturally is healthy. We have 100 different ingredients you can combine.”

Lambert co-manages the store with friend and small business colleague Eric Dalton. They decided to franchise Bloop in Michigan this summer and bought into the franchise for $25,000.

This is the first Bloop store located outside of Virginia. If Michigan takes to it, Bloop will explore further options in the Mitten State, he said.

For now, however, Lambert is just focused on helping West Michigan fall in love with frozen yogurt the way he did.

“My favorite is the chocolate and peanut butter swirls. I have it almost every time I’m in the store,” he said. “As healthy as yogurt is, I still can’t get away from the candy flavors.”

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