Blue Cross Blue Shield develops website on Affordable Care Act


A shot of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s consumer website on the Affordable Care Act. Photo via

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has launched a website to help consumers in Michigan understand the federal Affordable Care Act and its impact on them.

The website,, is designed to explain what the government-required health care insurance will cover, where people can buy it and whether people qualify for government financial assistance, among other things.

BCBSM will continue to update the website as new information regarding implementation of the ACA is available.

Consumers can also sign up for email updates, detailing changes in the law.

Consumers have "lots of questions"

Although President Obama announced July 2 that employers will be given an additional year to comply with the Affordable Care Act, editorial writers at The New York Times believe that should not stop the other core provisions of the act from taking effect on Jan. 1 as scheduled.

Those are the opening of health care exchanges where individuals can purchase insurance and subsidized insurance for people on modest incomes.

“Health care is undergoing its biggest change since Medicare was created nearly 50 years ago. People have lots of questions. We wanted to provide a place where people, on their own time, can explore health reform’s impact, based on their own circumstances and coverage situation,” said Andrew Hetzel, vice president for corporate communications at BCBSM.

The Blues said they are focusing on the basics with the website, addressing many basic questions Michigan residents have and what the potential impacts will be on consumers.


Consumers will be able to navigate through the website, choosing a path for ACA insurance coverage that is specifically designed for them.

“The purpose of this website is to educate, and we hope to give people a more personalized experience in finding information that is relevant to their own circumstances,” Hetzel said. “Health reform will affect different people in different ways. The best way to prepare is to explore — based on your family size, income and coverage situation — how it may affect you.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan provides and administers health insurance to more than 4.4 million Michigan residents, plus some members of Michigan-headquartered groups who reside outside the state.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are nonprofit corporations and independent licensees of the nationwide Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

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