Brand adds table to home furniture line


Abstracta's wood-top bunch table is shipped pre-assembled. Courtesy Abstracta

A brand in the region has designed a new table for its line of home furnishings.

Kalamazoo-based Consort Display Group, a maker of display products, said last month it added a wood-top bunch table to its Abstracta Home Furniture collection.

Previously, Abstracta’s bunch table only came with a glass surface.

The wood-top table, which comes with a maple- or walnut-colored top and a chrome or matte black base color, retails for $134-$139 on Abstracta’s website. The glass-top table is $89.

The bunch table works as a stand-alone piece, or three to six tables can be “bunched” together for a “centerpiece for larger spaces” or for coffee table use.


Abstracta is known for its modular display systems that can be used for wall or center floor units, window displays or ceiling fixtures.

The products are used by architects, designers and visual merchandisers worldwide in stores, office buildings and trade shows.

Consort Display Group President Roger Lepley, an architect, acquired Abstracta in 1998 from ABEX and Abstracta Structures New York and then began the Abstracta Home Furniture collection, which includes Mya tables, the nesting table line, lamp tables and bunch tables.

Consort Display Group

Consort Display Group was founded as Kalamazoo Banner Works in 1983 by Lepley.

Its brand portfolio now includes Abstracta, BannerFlex, Podia, Display One, Dori Pole, KBW and Kalamazoo WaterJet.

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