Breakfast restaurant orders space on East Beltline


The menu at Anna’s House restaurant in Grand Rapids features breakfast, such as a banana split crepe, and burgers. Photo via

A restaurant that serves early risers is expanding to the corner of a major retail intersection.

Anna’s House, which serves breakfast and lunch in Grand Rapids, is planning to open its second restaurant in the city at the former Seoul Garden Restaurant next to Woodland Mall, at 2409 E. Beltline Ave. SE, said Josh Beckett, the owner of Anna’s House and head of the Beckett Group.

Renovation work on the 4,786-square-foot space will cost about $500,000 and began this winter, Beckett said. The restaurant is expected to open in late June or early July.

The restaurant has contracted with Randy Atkins Builder for the project.

Anna’s House will be hire about 50 people in April for the restaurant. Anyone looking to apply can visit the original Anna’s House, at 3874 Plainfield Ave. NE.


The site on East Beltline has been vacant for 10 years, Beckett said.

Beckett said the site’s traffic, proximity to Woodland and Centerpointe malls and central location make it a prime spot for the first expansion for Anna’s House.

“We thought it was close enough, but not too far away from our original location,” Beckett said. “We feel what’s happening on the East Beltline, 28th Street area, with Centerpointe Mall and everything . . . it’s a great location.

“Plus, it was already a restaurant building. I’ve looked for years, and we just thought it was the best place.”

The space

The second Anna’s House will seat about 170 and feature a newer look. The space will be designed by Tylor Devereaux, the owner of Grand Rapids-based Tylor Devereaux Interior Design, who’s appeared on “HGTV Star.”

The restaurant will also include a private side room with Wi-Fi and a TV for those looking to have business meetings.

“I can’t think of any other breakfast place that has a little space like that for meeting in a private setting,” Beckett said.

Third restaurant

Anna’s House also has plans to continue expanding once the restaurant is up and running.

“We like the concept,” Beckett said. “It’s been a good restaurant, and after we get this one going, we’ll be looking for another location. Our next step might be the Grandville area.” 

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