Brewery adds to beer board

Brewery adds to beer board

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. offers a variety of all-organic beers on tap at its downtown brewpub. Photo via

A local brewpub is spicing up its beer board.

Grand Rapids Brewing Co. has expanded its offerings of late by cutting its batches in half.

The all-organic brewery normally brews 15-barrel batches of its beers, especially its mainstays such as Rosalynn Bliss Blonde, Silver Foam and John Ball Brown, among others. Those beers recently have been offered in bottles for to-go sales at the brewery.

The rest of the beers at the pub, however, have started to shift to seven-barrel batches, allowing GRBC to expand its taproom offerings, said Jake Brenner, GRBC’s head brewer.

“It allows us to move through beers faster and allows us more selection,” Brenner said. “We’re averaging a dozen handles, so it’s been nice to beef up the variety and offer a bigger spectrum. It’s been well received.”

The increased selection has allowed the brewery to start a program to boost employee morale. Brenner is pairing with staff members for a concept series of beers. The first two beers in the series went quickly, a Black Raspberry Coffee Nitro Stout and Cranberry IPA. Up next will be an Imperial Black IPA.

“We started with employees who have been here from the beginning,” Brenner said. “They come up with the concept, we write up a recipe with them and they brew with us, and they get to name it and it goes on draft.

“It’s been good for more (ideas) and people have been excited. It’s nice for me as a brewer to have a few more creative minds helping out.”

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