Brewery buys building for production


Jen Hain, left, and Dan Hain, who are married, are the co-owners of Fetch Brewing Co. in Whitehall. Courtesy Fetch Brewing Co.

A brewery in the region is moving its production into a new facility.

Fetch Brewing Co. has purchased an abandoned fitness building in Whitehall, at 204 E. Colby Ave., for an undisclosed price.

The 4,500-square-foot facility sits two blocks away from the Fetch taproom, at 100 W. Colby Ave., and will be a welcome alternative to producing in the taproom’s basement.

“We’re looking forward to working smarter, not harder,” said Jen Hain, co-owner, Fetch Brewing Co.

The new production facility should be finished this summer.

The facility will enable Fetch to increase distribution, keep mainstays on tap and Hain’s husband, co-owner and head brewer, Dan Hain, more room to “experiment.”

The facility is predicted to produce a total volume of just under 1,000 barrels.

Jen Hain said the build out will not be too costly for the brewery, because it is doing the demolition. No architect or contractor has been named.

“We’ve done a lot of work ourselves,” she said. “The demo work is being done by us. … We do have a lot of blood seat tears that we have to put into it.”

Dan Hain will oversee the operation of the facility and carry over two staff members from the brewery. The business currently has no plans to hire additional staff.

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