Brewery distributing to Florida


A worker at New Holland Brewing Co. inspects a new bottle of Dragon's Milk on the production line. Photo via

A brewery in the region is expanding its distribution network.

Holland-based New Holland Brewing said last month it plans to begin distributing beer to Florida, beginning this month.

The new territory is part of the brewery’s growing 35-state distribution footprint.

New Holland beer will be available in Florida restaurants, pubs and retail locations.

“The state of Florida represents an untapped opportunity for New Holland beers and our flagship Dragon’s Milk,” said Brett VanderKamp, president and founder, New Holland Brewing.

New Holland is partnering across the state with a network of wholesalers who will be managed by Pabst Brewing Company, or PBC.

PBC’s sales force will sell all of New Holland’s beers to wholesalers in Florida as part of PBC’s high-end portfolio.

New Holland will still be 100-percent independent and continue to manage all other business functions for its beers, including production, marketing and finance.

Established in 1997, New Holland Brewing sells its beers and spirits in four countries.

The company brews and distills at three locations in Holland and Grand Rapids.

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