Brewery distributing to Pacific Northwest


Founders Brewing Co.’s bottling line at work. Photo via

A Grand Rapids brewery will begin sending its products to the full West Coast this winter.

Founders Brewing Co. has signed distribution deals to begin shipping beer to Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Washington distribution will launch in January, and Oregon and Idaho distribution will launch in February.

All of the distribution partners are part of the Great Artisan Beverage network.

Once distribution begins in the Pacific Northwest, Founders beer can be found in more than 40 states and in countries across the globe.

Founders will hold launch parties in Seattle Jan. 10-12, with more events to be announced on its website and social media channels.

“The Pacific Northwest has long been one of the craft industry’s most sacred regions,” Founders CEO and Co-Founder Mike Stevens said. “It was westward that (Co-Founder Dave Engbers) and I traveled in our discovery of craft beers some 25 years ago, and we have long anticipated the day that Founders would be sold in this region. Simply put, it's one of the country’s best craft beer beacons, and we are humbled to be able to bring our beer to the consumers of the Pacific Northwest.”


“Founders’ legacy, based firmly in product quality, innovation and commitment to market success, is a winning formula, and we are honored to be chosen as their distributor partners,” Great Artisan Beverage President Dave Mickelson said.

The brewery’s full lineup of year-round, seasonal and specialty beers will be distributed in Washington through The Odom Corporation, Craig Stein Beverage, Sound Beverage, Crown Distributing and Marine View Beverage.

Oregon distribution will be through General Distributors, Bigfoot Beverage and Summit Distributing.

Idaho distribution will be handled by The Odom Corporation and Craig Stein Beverage.


Stevens and Engbers started Founders Brewing Co. in 1997, which has grown into one of the top 20 largest breweries in the country, expecting to brew more than 350,000 barrels this year.

The brewery’s All Day IPA is the No. 1-selling canned craft beer in the nation and the No. 2-selling IPA. 

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