Brewery increasing capacity


One of the two pubs Arcadia Brewing Co. operates in the region is in downtown Kalamazoo. Courtesy American Institute of Architects Southwest Michigan

A 20-year-old brewery in the region is preparing to increase its brewing capacity by about 25 percent.

Battle Creek-based Arcadia Brewing Co. said this month that it will install two 100-barrel closed fermenters in the brewery’s Kalamazoo production facility.

The new fermenters will boost Arcadia’s annual capacity by between 4,000 and 5,000 barrels. A barrel is about 31 gallons. 

Arcadia Brewing Co. Founder Tim Suprise said the increase in capacity could boost the brewery’s production to nearly 25,000 barrels of beer next year.

Diversifying brews

Suprise said the new tanks will also allow the brewery to diversify its product offerings.

Since the brewery was founded in 1996 in Battle Creek, Arcadia has utilized an English ale yeast strain developed in England in 1971, using open-fermentation vessels.

Suprise said the new tanks are closed and will allow Arcadia to experiment with new yeast strains, including German and Belgian varieties the company has admired for years.

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