Brewery plans beer hall on West Side


Courtesy Cedar Springs Brewing Company

A brewery in the area is planning to open a ‚Äútraditional and authentic‚ÄĚ German beer hall on Grand Rapids‚Äô West Side.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company is bringing its German-inspired beers to a historically German neighborhood in Grand Rapids, according to the brewery today.

The brewery plans to develop a second location at 642 Bridge St. NW in Grand Rapids.

The location, dubbed K√ľsterer Brauhaus, will open in 2020 and join New Holland Brewing‚Äôs Knickerbocker, Harmony Hall, Jolly Pumpkin¬†and the soon-to-come Arktos Meadery on Bridge Street.¬†

The new location is named after Christoph Kusterer, who immigrated to Grand Rapids from Germany in 1844. Kusterer started a brewery in 1847 less than a mile away from what will become K√ľsterer Brauhaus, according to Cedar Springs Brewing.

K√ľsterer Brauhaus will serve Cedar Springs Brewing's¬†signature K√ľsterer biers, including traditional Bavarian hefeweizens and lagers, as well as the brewery's ales and location-specific beers.

K√ľsterer Brauhaus will have its own three-barrel brewery on site, manufactured by Fronhofer Design. The project is being developed by Weber Developments.

Cedar Springs Brewing Company opened its doors in Cedar Springs in 2015. ‚ÄúHeavily inspired by the German tradition of beer brewing,‚ÄĚ its menu features a mix of Bavarian-inspired food and drinks and American pub fare and beer.

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